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You might not know that Ron DeSantis and his family have a family business of gun accessories. ‘DeSantis Gunhide“. They produce high-quality gun holsters and other accessories that are used by civilians and law enforcement alike.

The company was started by Gene Desantis 50 years ago. The company is known for making the highest quality gun holsters and has become a household name in the shooting community. “Gene DeSantis made his first holster by hand at his kitchen table. Today, American-made, hand-crafted, and family-owned and operated remain hallmarks of DeSantis GunHide.”

The DeSantis family has since carried on the tradition of making all of their holsters by hand. They have minimal employees apart from the family. As their holsters are made by hand, the quality is impeccable. The company has become the shooting community’s most beloved. The Desantis family takes pride in their work, and the family almost entirely manufactures the holsters.

More About DeSantis Gunhide

Our enterprise is still owned and run by the DeSantis family, not some faceless conglomerate. There are real people and great pride behind the DeSantis name stamped on every single holster. Concealed carry perfection isn’t just a slogan; it’s a way of life for all of us at DeSantis.”

They make an enormously significant point on the website that DeSantis Gunhide is still a family business. Gene DeSantis quotes, “We all carry (Guns), We’re not going to be victims.” 

History of DeSantis Gunhide

“In 1972, when I started making holsters by hand on the kitchen table, it was never my intention to make it my life’s work. Forty-nine years later, DeSantis Gunhide® has grown to be one of the largest holster manufacturers in the world. We are very proud of our position in the industry and will continue to work hard to remain at the top. Quality control has been and always will be our number one priority. A major part of our philosophy is to provide products that not only look appealing but also function flawlessly,” Gene DeSantis writes.

Our goal is to have the name DeSantis be synonyms with quality law enforcement products.” 

DeSantis Gunhide Holsters review

I am not a gun professional or an avid user. However, I can say something about the leather quality of the holsters. Just by watching some of their videos, you can see that they put a lot of effort into manufacturing these holsters, and it shows.

I am not sure about you, but this is the shiniest leather I’ve seen. Looking at these holsters, I can tell that the leather feels incredibly lovely. The fact that law enforcement also uses these holsters speaks volumes about their functionality and usability.

Here are some reviews by customers

The holster is comfortable and allows quick retrieval, especially if you have your hand in your pocket when you think you might need it. I carry mine exclusively with the flap attached. The holster has what appears to be dots of rubber/plastic glued to the outside of the holster to aid retention of the holster as you draw from the pocket. The holster completely covers the trigger, but I do not carry ANYTHING else in the pocket that pistol is in.”

Great buy for budget-minded person. If you have to chase down and wrestle perps as part of your carry routine this is probably not the holster for you, get something with better retention. I can see where it could shift or fall out if you were wrestling around on the floor with someone.” 

I have had it for over 6 months at the date of this posting. This holster will still print if you are carrying it in the front pocket of dress pants. The velcro-attached flap definitely breaks up the outline of the pistol so it will look like a cell phone or notebook in your pocket. If you wear a suit, then you can put it in your back pocket. I wear size 36 pants and had no problem with them fitting in the back pocket of my suit pants. I also go jogging, not running, with this in the front pocket of my Nike workout wind pants. No issues with it falling out or moving out of position.”

“After a few months of regular use, I am willing to recommend this holster. It totally covers the trigger of my LCP2 and slips easily into a front or hip pocket. Once in place, it is no more remarkable than a wallet in jeans or cargo pants and probably would hide just as well in dress pants (if I owned any). Comfort has never been an issue, even from day one.

Ron DeSantis involvement in DeSantis Gunhide

It is unclear if Ron DeSantis is involved in DeSantis Gunhide as much as the other family members. However, no matter how nominal it may be, his involvement is certain.

About Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis

Born on 14th September 1978, Ronald Dion Desantis is the current Governor of Florida. From 2013- 2018, he represented Florida’s 6th congressional district as a Republican Party member in the United States House of Representatives.

Ron is the son of Karen and Ronald Daniel Desantis of Italian descent, taken from his great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather, who was originally from Italy. Ron’s mother, Karen, was a Nurse, and his father installed TV rating boxes.

Ron also had a younger sister who was born in May 1985 but, unfortunately, died in 2015.  Ron attended high school at Dunedin High School and graduated in 1997. After this, he attended Yale University. At Yale University, Ron was the captain of the baseball team. He was the outfielder in the team, and with him, as a senior, the team got its best batting average in 2001.

Ron became a history teacher at Darlington School after graduating from Yale University. In 2005, Ron graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor cum Laude degree.

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