Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign Trolled By Dumpster Fire Ad

Ron DeSantis' Presidential Campaign Trolled By Dumpster Fire Ad

A released dumpster fire ad video mocked Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign. 

Here are the details of the news. 

Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign Trolled By Dumpster Fire Ad

On Tuesday, a super PAC, Stand for America (SFA), that supports the Republican 2024 Presidential candidate Nikki Haley, released a dumpster fire ad mocking another Republican Presidential hopeful, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.   

The PAC shared the 30-second video on X that shows a burning dumpster referring to the Florida Governor’s falling popularity as a presidential candidate. 

In the ad, a political narrator points to an aflame dumpster, saying, “In a world of chaos, the last thing America needs is another dumpster fire.” The ad then showed audio clips of people criticizing DeSantis’ campaign. An individual commented, “Support for Ron DeSantis is plummeting,” followed by another commentator who said, “Republican voters are just not that into DeSantis.” 

The super PAC informed about Tuesday’s released video in its post on X. The post reads, “SFA Fund, Inc. released a new ad titled, ‘Dumpster Fire,’ painting the downfall of Ron DeSantis’ campaign. Desperate DeSantis is dropping in the polls, his support is plummeting, his campaign is floundering, and he’s losing both donors and staff.” 

Ron DeSantis' Presidential Campaign Trolled By Dumpster Fire Ad
Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Campaign Trolled By Dumpster Fire Ad

The spokesperson for Haley’s campaign has denied commenting on the released video, stating that the campaign team “cannot comment on what the PAC does.” 

DeSantis, considered a strong Presidential candidate initially when he entered the Presidential race, has been struggling to gain momentum for the Presidential primary. His falling polling numbers show that the Florida Governor has become less popular among the Republican voters in recent months. 

At the same time, Nikki Haley, a former South Carolina governor, has shown a considerable rise in her polling digits. Although less famous earlier, Haley now strongly competes with DeSantis for the second spot for the GOP nomination after former President Donald Trump, who holds a commanding lead in the Presidential primary according to several polling data. 

Haley served as U.S. ambassador to the United States from 2017 to 2018 under Trump’s Presidency. Since she was earlier appointed to this post by the former President, Haley has also been anticipated to become Trump’s running mate if she drops out of the race. 

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DeSantis’s Campaign Dynamics and Rivalries

In a campaign stop in New Hampshire last week, DeSantis suggested Trump and Haley both spent money against the Florida Governor 

so that the former President could pick Haley as his running mate. He said, “There is a reason why they spend money against me. Haley and Trump spent money against me. He has not spent any money against her, and she has not spent any money against him.” 

Assuring his win against Trump, DeSantis asserted that Haley cannot win votes from Republicans and conservatives. He said, “Haley cannot get enough support from core Republicans and conservatives. She’s getting support from people who are either Republicans or are in the 10- 15 percent range, which is fine. I mean, you need those people for it to win the general, but you have to be able to appeal to conservatives and core Republicans. And I’m the only one that can do that.” 

According to the recent early-voting States polling, DeSantis is trailing behind Trump by more than 30 percentage points. Several polls show Haley in a tie with DeSantis for second spot. 

DeSantis’ campaign has not commented on the released video that represents his low approval rating. As such, it remains to see whether the Florida Governor will take any steps to boost his presidential campaign.  

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