Latest News - Ruqqus App: All you need to know about Ruqqus!

Ruqqus App: All you need to know about Ruqqus!

Ruqqus is an open-source platform for online communities, free of censorship and moderator abuse by design. It is freedom focused, USA based, open-source social platform. Registered users can submit text posts, links, and images that users can vote up or down. Posts are organized into user-created boards called “Guilds” that cover various topics. Submissions with more upvotes appear at the top of the guild and can appear on the site’s front page with enough votes.

Creator of Ruqqus

The Ruqqus app was created in 2019 by three people who use pseudonyms. Kek (co-founder) (pseudonym) captainmeta4 (co-founder) (pseudonym) arkitekt (co-founder) (pseudonym)

The site was created as an alternative to the website Reddit. It has rapidly increased in popularity due to recent bannings of popular Reddit communities, which many users claim are due to bias and censorship of opinions. Ruqqus uses several ways to combat moderator abuse and censorship. Posts can only be deleted by the users who made them, and a user can only moderate a maximum of 10 communities.

Ruqqus vs Reddit

Ruqqus has been touted as a Reddit alternative. Its main selling points are its few key features that theoretically improve upon Reddit, such as:-

  • NSFW and NSFL tags

    Helps differentiate between content that is the adult type of NSFW, and stuff that is just outright disgusting (therefore NSFL, not suitable for life)

  • Full support of free speech

    Unlike Reddit, Ruqqus is built around free speech. Any community or group can use Ruqqus without fear of being banned or removed (unless they do something that violates US law, including threats against groups). Since the site is free and open speech, nothing stops a group from being ridiculed or downvoted.

  • Filter out communities you don’t like

    Unlike Reddit, where a particular group gets upset by a community or said community gets declared as offensive, racist, sexist, etc., it gets banned entirely from the site. Meanwhile, Ruqqus treats you more like a mature adult. A filtering system allows you to filter out communities you do not like, which means it’s up to you not to see the content you don’t like, not the site.

  • Reduced moderator power

    Moderators can remove no content from the site; they can only “kick” content from their guild (subreddits are called guilds on Ruqqus). Kicked posts end up in the general guild, where they can then be “yanked” into other guilds by those guild masters (what moderators are called). Guild masters can also only moderate up to 10 guilds, which should help to prevent ‘power mods’ like here on Reddit.

  • Easy sign-up process

    No email address is required for signing up.

  • No ads, with a plan for Discord-like monetization in the long run

    Currently, the project is mainly funded by donations and out of pocket by the developers (who are highly dedicated to Ruqqus and are very easy to engage with and chat with on the site!). This should help Ruqqus avoid having to try and please advertisers, which reduces the likelihood that Ruqqus will go down the same censorship heavy path that Reddit has gone down.

  • Combined link/text posts

    Here, you can make a “text” post or a “link” post. On Ruqqus, you can make combined link/text posts, which means clicking the title follows the link, while there is still post text.


It does lack some features that Reddit has. There aren’t any per-guild user flairs yet or an “award” system. But those are coming soon, as the developers have been quite open on how they are rebuilding the site’s front end from the ground up to make it more responsive. However, Ruqqus already has some features that Reddit didn’t have. Features like an image uploading system (unlocked at 1000 rep (reputation is the equivalent to karma).

Ruqqus sign up

Here, we have shared a detailed guide on the Ruqqus app for iOS users, how to download, install, and use it.

Ruqqus for iOS

The iOS version of Ruqqus is currently not available. 

Ruqqus for Android

Here, we have provided a detailed guide on how to download and install Ruqqus app for Android smartphones.

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