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Ruqqus is an American-based site founded in 2019. It is a free speech website primarily designed for open source social news aggregation. This free-from-censorship platform gets its funds from donations and developers.

The users who are registered can freely post anything. They can make a text post, or put links or pictures. The pictures come with voting up or down by the users.

The users create guilds to organize posts. Each guild covers a large variety of topics. The post submitted with more upvotes is always at the top. If the post has enough votes, it will appear on the front page.

This app is high compared with Reddit due to several similarities. Ruqqus started coming into the spotlight after a ban on some Reddit communities. On  Ruqqus, different ways to deal with censorship are applied. There is a policy for the moderator only to use a maximum of 10 communities.

Also, only a user can delete the post that they made.

Posting on Ruqqus

Ruqqus lets users have free speech. The users can post whatever they desire. They can then vote up or down to discuss a topic’s severity. Also, users can then comment on posts.

The posts with the most upvotes make it to the front page of ruqqus. Users earn ‘rep.’ whenever their comment or a post receives an upvote.

The Guilds’ communities are made by users who are known as Guildmasters. Only Guildmasters can change the appearance of the guilds. Also, guild masters can ban users and unmoderated a guild by moving posts to ‘general‘.

The opt.’n to ‘yank‘ a post is also for guild masters. It means to move the post they like to their guild. A user can take over the guild if the guild master is inactive. This is known as a ‘siege.’

Ruqqus for android users

Ruqqus works primarily on a browser. However, an app called Ruqqus BETA- unofficial is available to download. The developers of ruqqus are aware of the app. They are okay with it being on the internet with an ‘unofficial’ name attached.

This app is 2.8 MB and compatible with Android 5.0+. 

This application was made available on 7th February 2021. It is said that the app might be unstable because it still being a BETA version.

User reviews about Ruqqus

Ruqqus became popular after the downfall of the famous free speech platform called Reddit. The users who shifted to ruqqus have so much to say about it.

One user wrote, “I tried using the site and used it for a while, for what little nonpolitical and non-flame war content it had. It got boring. I don’t particularly like some of the UX decisions and features, but overall it is a pretty well-built piece of software.

I don’t believe ruqqus federates, so “instance” would be the wrong word. It’s a standalone server.”  Another critical user said, “While these “free speech” Reddit alternatives end up taking a far-right tone, what’s funny is how all discussions they host have to be approached from that angle.

So you can’t just talk about your favorite TV show. First, you have to make a nod to how it features a Jewish conspiracy to push black-white interracial relationships. Only then can you go on to discuss the actual episode.”

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