Sam Brinton – Bio, Age, Wife, Husband, Net Worth, Parents

Sam Brinton - Bio, Age, Wife, Husband, Net Worth, Parents

Sam Brinton is an American nuclear engineer and LGBTQ activist. He served as the deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Dispositions in the Office of Nuclear Energy from June – December 2022. He left the office after being charged with luggage twice.

Sam is well known to former United States President Obama and current President Joe Biden for his different work in America. Earlier, he also advised former President Donald Trump about nuclear waste matters.

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Sam Brinton Biography and Early Life

Sam Brinton Biography and Early Life
Credit- Free Beacon
Name Samuel Otis Brinton
Date of Birth & Age September 11, 1988(age 34 years old)
Occupation Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy
(June 19, 2022 – December 11, 2022)
  • Kansas State University (B.S.)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.Sc.)

Sam Brinton, originally Samuel Otis Brinton, was born on September 11, 1988. He is 34 years of age. He has not revealed many details about his childhood. However, little information is known from his statements in the interviews.

Sam’s parents came to know of his bisexuality in the early 2000s. According to him, they disliked Sam’s attraction to a male friend from school and sent him for conversion therapy in middle school, an experience that Sam later described as brutal and painful.

Sam stated that his parents’ physical abuse became more common as he began to express his identity. He said that when it was clear that conversion therapy had not worked to affect his bisexuality, his parents effectively disowned him. His father even threatened to shoot Sam in the head if he ever returned home.

In addition to his interviews, his educational details give some information about his childhood. Sam began wrestling during his school and college years. He completed his schooling with many challenges related to his identity as a homosexual. He graduated from Perry High School in 2006.

Then he enrolled at Kansas State University in 2006. During his tenure here, Sam became interested in various matters concerning the LGBTQ community. He received a dual bachelor’s degree from 2006 to 2011 from Kansas State University.

In 2010, while at the university, Sam organized its first pride march and helped found Kansas’s first LGBT resource center.

Sam holds a bachelor of science and mechanical engineering, majoring in Nuclear engineering and vocal music performance. He was involved in various activities during his days at Kansas State University.

Sam Brinton established the Global Zero Chapter and the Na-YGN Chapter at the time. He became President of the Tau Beta Pi Honorary Chapter, Men’s Glee Club, LGBT Group, and President of the Engineering Council.

Sam obtained his dual Master of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2013. He holds a master’s degree in nuclear science and engineering (technology and policy program).

During his tenure at MIT, Sam co-founded Stand with Science, a national advocacy network to protect federal research funding. In 2012 under Sam’s leadership, the network petitioned Congress with over 10,000 signatories. In 2014, it was represented in 30 colleges and universities.

Sam gained media attention in 2010 when he reported experiencing conversion therapy which he later testified at the United Nations in 2014. The gay activist Wayne Besen expressed doubts about Sam’s claims of having experienced electroshock therapy which had not been used for decades.

Sam Brinton Age, Height, Weight

As of 2023, Brinton is 34 years of age, and his height measures up to 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 meters). His weight is around 65 Kilograms (145 lbs).

Sam Brinton Wife Or Husband Details

Sam Brinton Wife Or Husband Details
Credit- New York Post

Brinton married his partner, Kevin Rieck, a few years ago. However, they have not shared the year of their marriage or how they met for the first time.

According to the sources, Sam and Kevin started dating in 2015 when they first met at Disneyland. In one of his Instagram posts, Sam revealed his sadness over his parents not attending his wedding to Kevin. On Instagram on January 18, 2022, he also wished his husband Kevin a happy anniversary.

His husband, Kevin Rieck, has worked in various roles in many companies. In 2017, he was the Co-founder and CEO of Ravle, where he brought together a strong SaaS startup team and developed global partnerships.

Sam Brinton Net Worth

Sam Brinton Net Worth

According to a recent 2023 estimation, Sam Brinton has a net worth of $1 million, built through his work as an activist and nuclear engineer.

Sam Brinton Salary and Earnings

Brinton can be seen living his luxurious life with his hard-earned money over his Instagrams posts. He sometimes shares his pictures from bars and pubs enjoying whiskey and beers.

Sam also shares photos of traveling to different cities of the world with his husband. Earlier, he spent his money learning various languages, including Chinese, French, and Italian. He also spent a part of his income on clothing and accessories.

As a Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy, Sam Brinton used to earn a salary of around $178,000, but he got dismissed from the post on 11 December 2022.

Sam Brinton Parents and family

Brinton’s father is Stephen Brinton, and his mother is Peggi Jo Brinton. They were two Southern Baptist missionaries. He also has one younger sister named Rachel. He shares his pictures with his sister remembering the childhood days he spent with his sister.

Sam Brinton Ethnicity, Religion, And Nationality

Brinton has White ethnicity and preaches Christianity while holding American nationality.

Interesting Facts About Sam Brinton

Interesting Facts About Sam Brinton

  • Sam usually wears female clothing and sandals.
  • Sam loves cupcakes.
  • Sam’s favorite Chinese food is noodles.
  • Sam was the first openly gender-fluid individual in federal government leadership and used the singular pronoun ‘They.’
  • He is fond of reading documentaries.
  • Sam has 5284 followers on his Instagram.


What is Sam Brinton’s zodiac sign?

Sam has Virgo as his zodiac sign.

What is Sam Brinton’s height?

Sam is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

What is Sam Brinton’s date of birth?

Sam was born on September 11, 1988.

Is Sam Brinton married?

Yes. Sam is married to Kevin Rieck.

What is Sam Brinton’s net worth?

Sam holds a net worth of $1 million.

What is Sam Brinton’s eye color?

Sam has brown eyes.

Has Sam Brinton gone through plastic surgery?

No. Sam has not gone through plastic surgery.

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