FAQ - Selectel Wireless Customer Service – Contact Support

Selectel Wireless Customer Service – Contact Support

Selectel Wireless Customer Service - Contact Support

Are you looking for Selectel Wireless Customer Services? If yes, then you’re on the right page.

The article covers detailed information about contacting Selectel Wireless customer support via phone number, email, social media, and many more.

Selectel Wireless is a telecom service provider which provides affordable broadband services through the Affordable Connectivity Program to those in need.

They also participate in many different programs where you can apply and qualify for free mobile phones and internet connection. However, their schemes are not available to everyone.

Selectel Wireless is very reliable and involves no contract, so you can easily discontinue or change service plans if you want to.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

Selectel Wireless Customer Service Guide

Selectel Wireless Customer Service

Selectel Wireless is always available for its customers. You can contact them via phone number, email, social media, and other mediums. However, the best way to contact them is through their live chat. You can also contact their customer service by visiting their office in your nearby areas if you require to change your plan or have any issues with your current services.

Selectel Wireless customer service will contact you as soon as they receive your request. You can contact them during their working hours to get a fast response from the service provider.

How to Contact Selectel Wireless Customer Service via Phone Number

The broadband service provider can be contacted via call. These are the following steps to contact their customer service via phone number.

First, call on 1-877-218-5744 and record your issue.

Second, you will get sms about your requested issue.

If you don’t connect to the previous number, call dealer support at 1-877-218-5745.

Selectel Wireless Social Media

Selectel Wireless Social Media

You can contact them on Facebook or Instagram.

Search ‘Selectel Wireless’ and visit their official account.

Provide your broadband id along with your issue in the message and send it on any of the social media.

You can also send an email to them on their official email id, which is available on their official website.

How to Contact Selectel Wireless Customer Service via Live Chat

You can contact Selectel Wireless customer support via live chat.

Visit https://www.selectelwireless.com/ and scroll down. You will see an open-to-live chat at the bottom right of the page.

Here, you have to enter your name, email id, and registered number and select ‘Start to chat.’

Now, you can request any service you require from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Selectel support Wi-Fi calling?

No. Selected Wireless doesn’t offer Wi-Fi calling.

What network does Selectel use?

Currently, Selectel uses the Verizon network as an MVNO. Numerous phone plans come with the unique feature of domestic voice roaming through Verizon’s postpaid network roaming partners.

Who owns Selectel Wireless?

Matt O’Flaherty is the co-founder & CEO of Selectel Wireless.

How do I contact Selectel Wireless?

Visit http://www.selectelwireless.com/ or call (877) 218-5744. You can also contact them through social media or their live chat option.

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