Shawn Fain – Bio, Age, Wife, Salary, net worth, UAW

Shawn Fain - Bio, Age, Wife, Salary, net Worth, UAW

American labor unionist Shawn Fain is in the news because of the UAW strike 2023 against three Automakers plants in Detroit.

Fain has argued for workers during contract negotiations in 2023 along with ending tiered employment, which the UAW made in response to the financial crisis of 2007–2008.

The decision by the union to start the 2023 United Auto Workers strike on September 15 was influenced by Fain’s tough posture during contract renegotiations.

Fain’s relative labor militancy and negotiation tactics influenced the United Auto Workers’ decision to approve the strike in 2023.

The UAW is striking against the Big Three automakers simultaneously for the first time in its 88-year history.

Who is this personality, and what are the controversies that are going on about him? Aren’t you all curious to know about that? Then you are at the right place.

We have covered all the details about Shawn Fain, who has been making headlines nowadays. Keep reading to know more!

Who is Shawn Fain? Biography

Name Shawn Fain
Birthplace Kokomo, Indiana
Date of birth 1968 or 1969
Fathers Name Rodger Lee Fain
Mothers Name
Stella Louise Carter
Hair Color Brown
Skin color Fair
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Nationality American
Water Skiing and Fishing

In Kokomo, Indiana, Fain was born to Rodger Lee Fain and Stella Louise Carter. Taylor High School is where Fain attended. His father was the Kokomo Police Department’s police chief.

Shawn’s grandparents are two retired UAW GM employees. His grandfather began working at Chrysler in 1937 when Chrysler employees joined the UAW following a sit-down strike.

Shawn is so proud of his grandparents and feels so honored to be a member of the UAW that he constantly brings one of his grandfather’s pay stubs around as a memento of the family history.

In 2023, Fain challenged incumbent Ray Curry for the position of union president, running on a platform that opposed corruption, concessions, and tiered pay systems.

Fain won with a slim majority in the first election, where union members chose the president directly, and he took office in March.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) have had Shawn Fain as their president. Fain is an American labor unionist. He was employed at a Stellantis automotive components facility in Kokomo, Indiana, as an electrician by trade.

He has been a UAW member for 29 years and serves in a leadership capacity for a local chapter of the group “UAW Members United.”

In office, he pushes for a tougher negotiation approach and for the union to back politicians who actively support the union’s objectives.

Shawn Fain Age, Height, Weight

You might be curious about this personality’s physical measurements, like height and weight. But sadly, that information is currently unavailable and remains a mystery.

Shawn Fain Wife

Fain is engaged to Keesha McConaghie, the proud father of two daughters and the incredibly proud grandfather of two grandsons.

Shawn Fain’s Net Worth

Shawn Fain's Net Worth

As the UAW union’s president, he makes about $ 212,000 a year, and his estimated net worth is $ 764,400.

He has had a long and fruitful career as an electrician, a union activist, and a regional director. Shawn Fain is a motivational example of someone who overcame adversity to rise to a leadership position in a significant organization.

He is a visionary who wants to change the UAW into a more democratic, open, and forward-thinking organization that advocates for workers’ rights and social justice.

This is, of course, only a very approximate estimate based on numerous averages and assumptions. Fain’s net worth may be higher or lower than this amount, depending on his real assets and liabilities.

He can have extra expenses or income, which is not considered in this calculation.

As a result, this calculation shouldn’t be regarded as being final or accurate in describing Fain’s net worth.

Shawn Fain Salary and Earnings

Annual salary $212,000
Salary $83,512
Allowances $86,701
Additional expenses $42,000

The highest hourly rate paid by any employer to any union member is equivalent to 110% of the president of the union’s salary, as stated in the UAW constitution.

Therefore, Fain’s pay is determined by the maximum wage rate the UAW has agreed to with any of its employers, including Ford, General Motors, Stellantis, or other businesses.

The top wage for skilled trades employees at GM1 is $36.50 an hour as of 2023, the highest hourly rate paid by any employer to any UAW member.

Therefore, assuming a 40-hour workweek and 52 weeks per year, Fain’s annual compensation as president of the UAW is $36.50 x 110% = $40.15 per hour, or $83,512.

According to our earlier estimations, Shawn Fain’s salary as president of the UAW in 2023 is predicted to be roughly $212,000 annually.

His pay consists of his salary ($83,512), allowances ($86,701), and additional expenses ($42,000). Nevertheless, this sum can change based on his actual expenses and reward.

Shawn Fain UAW controversy

Shawn served his local in various capacities, including the Education & Bylaws Chair, CAP Chair, and Plant Shop Chairman for Local 1166.

He was also elected to serve on the Skilled Trades Committee for five terms. He worked diligently and tenaciously while serving as the local union leader and was a strong voice for all UAW members.

Shawn opposed ratification in 2007 because the pact implemented tiers and reduced worker pay by half. In addition, he opposed idle plants, factory closings, and other contentious issues that workers have endured over the last twenty years or more.

He was frequently shunned at council meetings for speaking out against the agreements because they didn’t represent the Membership’s interests.

In 2009, during the Chrysler Bankruptcy, he served as a UAW Negotiator, and in 2011, he was re-elected to the position. In 2012, he was elected to serve as the UAW’s International Representative, where he carried on his advocacy for a better standard of living for all UAW members.

After the 2015 Agreement was ratified, he led the charge to defeat the divisive Conductor issue. In 2015, he served as chair of the International Skilled Trades Subcommittee.

President Fain has fought for the members on the plant floor for a long time, frequently risking his position to oppose vice presidents who sought to enact policies that would hurt the Membership.

In the first-ever direct election for the International Executive Board, the Membership chose Shawn Fain as the UAW President. He was sworn in on March 26, 2023.

Shawn has been making headlines around the country lately because of his tenacity and desire to speak up for the Membership at all levels.


Shawn Fain has been a part of the UAW for how long?

Shawn Fain joined Local 685 of the UAW in 1994 while working as an electrician at the Stellantis facility in Kokomo.

How did Shawn Fain become the UAW president?

Shawn Fain was elected president of the UAW in March 2023, defeating Ray Curry in a runoff election with 137,000 union members casting votes, and he received 50.4% of them.

What year was Shawn Fain born?

1968 or 1969 was Shawn Fain’s year of birth. His precise birthdate has yet to be well known.

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