Sioux Falls to host Mike lindell’s Symposium on August 10

Sioux Falls to host Mike lindell's Symposium on August 10

Sioux Falls in dakota is going to host the upcoming cyber symposium by Mike lindell where Mike is going to reveal the real truth behind the 2020 elections. Mike lindell has also kept a prize of dollar five million to the person/organization who proves his data wrong. The event is going to stream live on lindelltv and also here at our website world-wire.

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About Cyber Symposium

The Cyber symposium will be held to present the real-life results of the 2020 elections. Choosing Donald Trump isn’t about liking him; it’s about making America great again. Mike is going to release a great deal of evidence and data. Similarly to his earlier Franakathon, Mike will be hosting it. Mike will be joined by speakers for the entire 72-hour talk show as part of this event.

Mike Lindell opens up about the event

It is the Great Cybersecurity Experiment, Mike said. As far as I am concerned, all the ‘cyber data’ coming from my cybersecurity companies is real data that was never stolen. The Left and their Left-wing allies in Congress and the Trump administration are peddling false data to undermine cybersecurity. I’ve enlisted statisticians, mathematicians, and cybersecurity experts who have offered to allow me to challenge their information. I am not making this up. My prediction is true, and if the election officials do not follow my orders, I will spend up to $5 million to disprove it – Says Mike Lindell, CEO of Mypillow and Frank.

How to Attend the Sioux Falls event online

Michael Lindell has organized a cyber symposium for the release of 2020 election data and actual results. As part of the Cyber Symposium on August 10-12, Mike will award a $5 million prize to anyone who can prove the election data and packet captures were not manipulated. Here is the right place to watch the Cyber Symposium live. Live streaming of the event will be provided by world-wire

Date and timing of the cyber symposium

Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium - What to Know, How To Attend

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