Solo Levelling Chapter 113 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & Where to Watch Online? (STORY Explained)

Solo Levelling

Solo Levelling Chapter 113 Release Date: Season 2 of Solo Levelling is finally underway after so long. Fans were really excited for the chapter. The chapter number might be different for people, as it all depends on the sources they are reading it from. As, the last chapter of Solo Levelling was a cannon, so many sources might not include it in the sequence. Solo Levelling Season 2 Chapter 1 was really a lighthearted chapter after all the battle and hard fighting we saw in season 1 last few chapters. But, it really set the pace for the next chapters and the next few chapters might really be the one to look forward too.

Solo Levelling Chapter 112 Recap

Chapter 112 started with Yoo Jin Ho suing every troll who was slandering Sung Jin-Woo. Suddenly Sung enters the house and told Yoo that he cleared another high ranked gate alone and was able to collect so many greater magic cores that will solve their problem of money, which was needed to establish the guild. Yoo told him that they will need another member to set up the guild. Yoo also told him that they need to take care of another matter and that was the name of the guild.

And Sung suggested that the name will be “Solo Play Guild”. Yoo was shocked and was about to deny the name when someone knocked on the door. It was Hunter Cha Hae-In. She told them that she wants to join Sung’s clan. Sung asked her why she wants to join “Solo Play Guil” and this time Yoo somehow denies the name. Sung is really suspicious that why Cha wants to join his clan, and she is even ready to pay the contract breach penalty to the Hunters Association.

Sung is more suspicious but he doesn’t know that Cha has a crush on Sung and she has been researching about him since the first time she saw him and she really fell for him when he saved everyone during the Jeju Island Raid. Sung is really hopeless in these types of situations, and he told her that there is an entrance test to enter the guild and it is to beat a summoning of Sung choosing and since it is Hunter Cha, an S-Rank Hunter, he is going to pick his strongest one.

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Solo Levelling Chapter 113 Release Date

Chapter 113 of Solo Levelling will release on 8 August, 2020. A new chapter will release every Saturday if there is no delay in the schedule.

Solo Levelling Chapter 113 Predictions

In the next chapter, we might see Hunter Cha fighting against one of Sung’s shadow soldiers. We just have to see who that soldier will be. It will be either Igris(Atleast A-Class) or Beru the Ant King who is an S class. The thing is if it is Beru Hunter Cha might be in really big trouble. We just have to wait and see.

Solo Levelling Chapter 112 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Solo Leveling on the Webtoon official site or the app. We request you to read the manhwa only from legal sources as it will help and promote the creators.

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