Solo Levelling Chapter 131 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers and Where To Read?

Solo Levelling Chapter 131 Release Date

Solo Levelling Chapter 131 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, and Where To Read?: The system has crashed, The king has been resurrected and no one is safe. What a chapter this was. Sung just ruined the statue. So, this article is like a letter to the statue of how dearly he will be missed. Another sad thing was seeing Hunter Cha just accepted being friendzoned. No, Hunter Cha, you can’t lose hope like this. You have to be strong for the sake of all of us. The conclusion we got was sure without much buildup and had almost no logic to it. But that is what Solo Levelling is. It is inconsistent many times. But you read Solo Levelling for its artwork and action. And this chapter was full of that.

Solo Levelling Chapter 130 Recap 

The statue confronted Hunter Cha as she was going to wake up Sung. He was angry and he injured her really bad. Everyone was helpless in front of these creatures. The statue told them that there is no other way and asked about their relationship with Sung. Hunter Cha replied that they are Sung’s friends and they will save him. The statue told him that he will let them see the birth of the king and will kill him after that.

The King Is Dead!!

Just when the statue was announcing to kill everyone, Sung arrived and knock him out of his senses. He asked the statue about what has he done to his body. Everyone was relieved after seeing Sung. The statue started shouting that Sung is not the king. How is he not the king and what is he here? He was surprised how Sung was able to control himself even with the black heart. Sung realized that he has done something unexpected and all the data he recovered wasn’t the answer. He asked the statue some questions, but he replied that if he does something to us other monarchs will not standstill. Sung asked the statue why he chose him as the player. He told Sung that if he kills him his dolls won’t stop. Sung told him that he will kill him and take care of the dolls.


Sung realized that if he kills the statue he will go back as an E-Class hunter. Sung told him that he has thought about it and noticed a glitch in the system. And now he will swallow up the whole system. And just like that, he slashed the statue in pieces and “You are welcome”.

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Solo Levelling Chapter 131 Release Date 

Chapter 124 of Solo Levelling will release on December 10, 2020. A new chapter will release every Wednesday if there is no delay in the schedule.

Solo Levelling Chapter 131 Predictions

We will know if Sung’s plan was a success or not in the next episode. It is going to be an interesting episode and you should not miss it at any cost.

Solo Levelling Where To Read? 

You can read the latest chapter of Solo Leveling on the Webtoon official site or the app. We request you to read the manhwa only from legal sources as it will help and promote the creators.

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