Solo Levelling Season 2 Release Date, Plot & What to Expect?

Solo Levelling Season 2

Solo Levelling Season 2 Release Date, Plot, and Other Details: Not many Korean Manhwa gets as much popularity as Solo Levelling so when season 2 was announced it was really good news for every single fan. Solo Levelling was famous among fans because of its overpowered protagonist that we don’t get to see often. Fans are demanding the anime version for so long but that dream is still far fetched.

Solo Levelling Season 2

Solo Levelling is based on a graphic novel of the same name. Webtoon started the manhwa in March 2018 and the first season ended with 110th chapter. Fans were expecting the second season because of the cliffhanger ending and because the novel can provide a story for 100+ more chapters. SO the next season was inevitable, it was just a matter of when and now then it is closer than ever let’s look at plot, spoilers and other details you need to know.

Solo Levelling Plot

The story revolves around a boy named Sung Jin-Woo, who is known as World’s Weakest Hunter. Hunters are people who explore dungeons and defeat monsters to get rewards. One day when Sun and his group accidentally enters a wrong Dungeon, Only a few of them survive. Sung, with his intelligence, somehow survives the dungeon, but what he remembers was him dying. Sung revives and turns into a “Player” with a menu popping in front of him that can only be seen by him. And because of that his whole life changes. This is a quest of him becoming the strongest Hunter ever.

Solo Levelling feels different from other typical Shounen Manhwa as it introduced us to an overpowered main protagonist, just like One Punch Man. The main hero of the series can beat any villain without breaking too much of a sweat. Action sequences are good and story also feels gripping without losing its mark.

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Solo Levelling Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Solo Levelling was going to release on 26th May 2020. But because of COVID 19 situations, it was delayed.

The new reports are out saying that the new chapter of the series will come out on 2 August, 2020. The date is same for worldwide release.

Solo Levelling Season 2 What To Expect

No Raw Cut or spoilers regarding the upcoming chapter have been out yet. So if you have read the novel you can expect what will happen in the series. But for only Manhwa readers, things are about to get so exciting so soon.

The upcoming chapter of Season 2 is titled ‘I Power Up Alone’. So we can expect to see more of Sung bizarre adventures and his sudden power-ups and his crazy improvement. He is gonna make new enemies and new friends too.

Solo Levelling Season 2 Where To Read

As of now, no legal sources other for reading Solo Levelling have been revealed by the creators. But they might soon release one. We request you to read the manhwa only from legal sources as it will help and promote the creators.

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