Speaker McCarthy Gives Liberal Reporter a Reality Check

Speaker McCarthy Gives Liberal Reporter a Reality Check

Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly gives liberal newsperson a reality check over the debt ceiling bill.

Speaker McCarthy Gives Liberal Reporter A Reality Check

The U.S. House of Representatives Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, held a press conference on Wednesday to negotiate the debt ceiling bill passed the previous week.

A news reporter tried to call McCarthy a bluff but did not expect the speaker to teach him a lesson on politics. The reporter questioned McCarthy for his views on those who believe the speaker cannot get approval because many conference members won’t accept anything less than the bill that he has already passed.

McCarthy furiously replied,” They are wrong. You know you underestimated me the whole time. The one thing that you should learn from me is that I will never give up on the American people. Those are the people I am looking at. Can we get to yes? Yes. We passed a bill”.

McCarthy convinced Republicans to narrowly pass a bill recently to raise the U.S. debt ceiling, reducing government funding and setting up high-stakes negotiations with the Joe Biden government. Every Democrat member voted against the bill. The democrat-party led Senate refused to vote or debate it.

Speaker McCarthy Gives Liberal Reporter a Reality Check

McCarthy claimed that Democrats have grown ‘so extreme and far to the socialist wing’ that they oppose work requirements for beneficiaries of Medicaid, Food stamps, etc.

The speaker also noted that Democrats had a chance to address the debt limit while they dominated both chambers during the last Congress, but they did not choose to do so.

At the conference, the speaker faced many questions about the bill. One of the reporters said, “With no democrats, you need a bipartisan bill now. Can you get to yes on a deal that will take democrats?”

McCarthy began answering the reporter by thanking him for understanding the problem and said,” Because you just identified the problem ‘no democrats’, every democrat voted against the bill raising the debt ceiling.

While McCarthy was able to arrange the conference and expected a major symbolic victory, President Biden clarified at Wednesday’s conference that he had no intention to raise the nation’s borrowing limit and declared he would not sign the bill.

What does the bill say?

McCarthy proposed the debt ceiling bill that would allow the federal government to borrow another $1.5 trillion or until March 31, 2024, whichever is reached first, in exchange for reducing the discretionary spending for non-defense programs. The bill would reduce the expansion of future expenses to 1% yearly for the next decade.

After announcing the bill, McCarthy said, “These spending limits are not draconian; they are responsible.”

The bill would also abolish Biden’s strategy to cancel around $20,000 in student loan debt for particular borrowers and review Democrats’ $739 billion package for government spending implemented last year.

As the negotiations regarding the bill intensified recently, the president faced many requests from his party members to invoke the 14th amendment of the constitution and dismiss the debt ceiling bill permanently instead of making concessions on spending and assisting people experiencing poverty that could harm the economy.

However, it is still being determined whether McCarthy will successfully agree with the president and pass the debt ceiling law.

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