State of the Union 2024: Where to Watch

State of the Union 2024 Where to Watch

As per the Constitution, the President shall “from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union.” It is one of the President’s prescribed duties.

On Thursday, at the State of the Union address, President Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner for the 2024 presidential election, will discuss the domestic and international challenges.

So let’s know what, when, and who the participants of this State of the Union address are and where we can watch it.

The State of the Union address: What is it?

The State of the Union address is an annual speech the U.S. president delivers to Congress at the start of the year.

In it, the President addresses the agenda for the upcoming year on the significant issues affecting Americans and can propose new laws, regulations, and remedies to some of the country’s most pressing issues.

This year, the President is also expected to discuss the criticism he is facing due to his old age and about the former President, Donald Trump, who is now the front-runner in the race.

When is it happening?

On Thursday at 9 p.m., Joe Biden will address a joint session of Congress in the Capitol. President Biden accepted Speaker Mike Johnson‘s formal invitation to address Congress in January.

Where is the State of the Union address taking place?

The State of the Union address will be delivered on March 7 at 9 p.m. E.T. at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Who will be attending the State of the Union address?

One of the few occasions when all branches of government are housed together is for the State of the Union address. Attendees include the Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, and the President.

While the President talks, the vice president and speaker of the House are seated behind him. Speaker Johnson will be sitting behind the President for the first time during the speech.

What are the things that will be addressed in this year’s State of the Union?

Usually, the State of the Union becomes political theater. However, this year, it is expected to have greater significance as Biden is looking forward to connecting with people and projecting confidence.

Presidents frequently use the State of the Union address to introduce new policy ideas. In 2022, Biden used the address to introduce his “unity agenda for the nation,” which included increased veteran health care benefits.

This year, similarly, many issues will be addressed and will be discussed on taking action.

State of the Union 2024 Where to Watch
State of the Union 2024 Where to Watch

Who is the opposing Republican Party spokesperson this year?

Since 1966, the President’s State of the Union address has been followed by a televised reaction from the opposition party. This year, the Republican reaction will come from Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama, a freshman.

According to Johnson, Britt, the 42-year-old youngest female senator, will starkly contrast to Biden, the oldest sitting President in American history.

Johnson stated, “She is a champion for strong families, a secure border, national defense, and a vibrant economy with stable prices and opportunities for all. The American people will tune in as the youngest Republican woman ever elected to the Senate turns the page on the oldest President in history.”

Where can you watch the address from? What are the channels available?

The address will be live broadcast by network television stations such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. It will also be aired on cable channels CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and NewsNation.

How do you watch the live stream of the State of the Union address?

The State of the Union address can be watched on any streaming platform, through YouTube channels, or Smart Televisions.

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