State of Washington Awards Over $20M for Broadband Projects

State of Washington Awards Over $20M for Broadband Projects

The Washington State Public Works Board (PWB) recently awarded $21 million for broadband projects: $20 million to cover broadband access expenditures, $550,000 for pre-construction projects, and $514,500 for emergency infrastructure projects.

The broadband projects will expand over six entities, covering 6000 unserved end-user locations in the following distribution:

  • Jefferson Public Utility District No. 1 will get $4 million to build fiber optic cables for internet in areas like Quilcene, Sequim, Port Townsend, and more.
  • Klick Networks, LLC will receive $800,000 for fiber setup internet in Trout Lake, which will benefit about 400 people.
  • Okanogan County Electric Cooperative will receive $5 million to extend fiber internet to approximately 244 users in the Methow Valley area.
  • Okanogan Public Utility District No. 1 will get $3.8 million to expand its fiber network from Conconully to serve about 367 users.
  • Spokane Regional Broadband Development Authority will be offered with $2 million loan to bring fiber internet to 500 homes in rural towns like Spangle and Fairfield.
  • Whidbey Telephone Company will receive almost $4.5 million to build internet infrastructure in Clinton, which will reach around 1,536 users.

The pre-construction project is to be categorized into two parts: Cross Valley Water District, which will receive $300,000 to upgrade its Water Treatment Plant, and Olympic View Water & Sewer District, which will receive $250,000 to develop a Comprehensive Plan for its sewer system.

Additionally, emergency funding is supporting two projects such as Lewis County Water and Sewer District to receive $264,500 to improve their Water Treatment Plant’s capacity and reliability, whereas $250,000 will be offered to the City of Wenatchee for repairing the stormwater main at Fifth & Emerson.

State of Washington Award Over $20M for Broadband Projects
State of Washington Awards Over $20M for Broadband Projects

PWB Chair Kathryn A. Gardow said in a statement: “The Washington State Public Works Board is proud to offer funding for these critical emergency repairs, pre-construction, and broadband infrastructure construction projects in these 10 Washington communities.”

“With favorable loan terms, below-market interest rates, and grant availability, the PWB makes funding affordable for those communities with little or no reliable broadband service and for the infrastructure fundamental to a high quality of life for all Washingtonians,” he added.

Overview of Washington State Public Works Board

The Washington State Public Works Board was established by the Legislature in 1985 to empower local governments to address their public works needs independently and offers financial support through loans, grants, financing guarantees, and technical assistance.

Their major objective is to assist local governments in funding critical public works projects.

Currently, the PWB plans to finish accepting applications for construction funding on June 28, 2024.

They have about $148 million to help communities with important projects like roads, bridges, water systems, and waste management.

They also have money set aside for projects that need urgent attention or for getting things ready before construction starts.

Right now, they still have about $2.9 million for emergencies and an extra $1 million specifically for urgent broadband projects.

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