Steps to Donate Freedom Convoy Truckers using Tallycoin

Steps to Donate Freedom Convoy Truckers using Tallycoin

Tallycoin is pseudo a cryptocurrency donation platform started during the Truckers Freedom Convoy Of 2022. Crowdfunding sites like Givesendgo have already came forward to offer a helping hand for the donation campaign. GoFundMe has blocked more than $10million CAD that was collected as donation for the Freedom Convoy. After this event people are trying to raise money using cryptocurrency using websites like Tallycoin.

Steps to Donate

HonkHonkHodl is a Twitter handle that started this donation on Tallycoin. We would recommend you to donate via GiveSendGo, as they are a registered company and they are coming forward to help the truckers.

Learn how to donate using GiveSendGo

It is always safe to donate using real platforms other than crypto platforms. If you still want to donatate using tallycoin you have to visit their website and follow the instructions.

Tallycoin for Freedom Convoy 2022

As of now 21 Bitcoin, Approx 1 Million Dollars have been raised using Tallycoin for the Freedom Convoy 2022. The details of this money being released and handed over to the Truckers are not public yet.

As soon we collect more data on this, we will update the article

Tallycoin Review

Tallycoin is a crowdfunding platform that has existed on the internet from the last 2 years. We were not able to gather/find much information about the owner/organization for the same.  Our review on Tallycoin remains neutral.

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