Steps to get Official Trump Gold Card membership

You can now get Official Trump Gold Card membership! Watch here!

Trump Fans Can Now Get A Trump Gold Card?!

Trump Fans Can Now Get A Trump Gold Card?!

What’s the video about?

In this video, Donald Trump Jr introduced himself. Further, he said, “I am reaching out today because we are about to finalize our Trump Gold Card membership roaster and I want to give you one last chance to be a part of history with us. Gold Card members are made of my father’s most reliable supporters and I know he will be disappointed if you are not on the team. When you join we will send you a personalized Trump Gold Card. It will drive the limbs crazy so please activate your membership today before it’s too late. See you soon.”

Don Jr
Donald Trump Jr

Host Jayar Jackson reacted to the message of Donald Trump Jr in a sarcastic way and said, “you wanna, you guys want to drive the limbs crazy. Give me some money. I will give you a plastic gold card that has absolutely no use behind it. So Donald Trump Jr is helping his dad to grift a little bit further as he is announcing these gold cards to drive them crazy. Hey! give us some money and we will give you a card.”

When he heard this he said,” What can they do with this card?”

Further, he explained how users can get a gold card in a sarcastic way, “If you donate the money you can do all the stuff so this is what is behind this. Clicking on a design brings visitors to a fundraising page for Save America Pack where they are urged to donate sums ranging from forty-five dollars to twenty-five hundred dollars within a three-minute time frame. We know President Trump will be excited to see it.  The fundraising page comes with the button for the $250 contribution category so that the idiots can actually find out where to send all their money. There are four designs and you have to choose from them because this is an exciting franchise for you to get the official Trump Gold Card. It could have bold, it could have the eagle flying in it, it could have the stupid face on it, or it could have that eagle flying in it and also his stupid signature at the bottom of all these things.”

He said that this was an announcement for those gold cards.

Along with this, he talked about a tweet of Amy Siskind where she pointed out how she had been trying to think of the remarks she had been seen on the card. She concluded that she had seen that same new Trump card insignia before that looked like a symbol of Nazis.

Nazi Concentration Camp badge
Nazi Concentration Camp badge

He further said “Governor Ron DeSantis has also got his own card too. He launched his gold Freedom first card for the top $100 to fund his campaign again. What do they get to be called one of his top donors to his campaign fund.”

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In response to this Franifio, another host replied, “I have a gold, I have a gold car, I have a Ron DeSantis gold card car carrying member, oh cool! What did you do well? I got to pick up a few designs and I carried them around in my wallet but there is not much else in my wallet because I gave my all money to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis but I got a gold card like this is how dumb they think their own voters are.  It’s like you think you will put a little badge on you and give you all money and then and that is it and honestly at this point I do feel bad but now I feel good because you have the option to or not. We have seen many times Trump try and grift his own people and you are gonna own the hell out of us, you are gonna own lib so hard when we see how much you have been defrauded.”

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Host Jayar Jackson said in a sarcastic way, “If you give three hundred dollars. It would hurt his feelings even more in fact and giving him all his money will totally hurt his heart and his feelings.”

Steps to get Official Trump Gold Card Membership

Clicking on a design will bring you to a fundraising page for the Save America PAC, where you are urged to donate sums ranging from $45 to $2,500 within a three-minute time frame. The suggested price is $8.47 for a month.

Here are the steps given below to let you know how to register for Trump Gold Card:

  • Firstly name your price
  • Register for it
  • Pay to get Trump Gold Card and you will get your card.

“We know President Trump will be excited to see what you thought. Rush in a contribution of ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to guarantee he sees YOUR response first.” – Statement by a fundraising page which comes with a bouncing blue button for the “$250” contribution category.


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