Supernatural Season 15 Final Episode Release Date, Trailer, & Cast- Show is ending soon?

It is time to bid farewell to the Winchester brothers! The television’s longest-running fantasy drama series will have a grand send-off. The only catch is there will be a delay to bid goodbye since the production is on halt because of the pandemic. The virus hit even a few cast members, but they have safely recovered and returned to the set. The cast has also posted some emotional messages to prepare to say goodbye to the characters they played for 15 years. Let us see what they had to say, and when will the finale episode release?

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Supernatural Season 15 Finale Episode Release Date

Supernatural season 15 will be releasing its final episode on the 8th of October in the United States. And on the 19th of November, it will release the cumulative of last episodes. So far, 13 episodes are on air, and the rest were at a halt because of the pandemic. The visual effects, production, and shooting stopped because of the virus but will soon get in action. The production shooting has already resumed according to a source on the 18th of August. It is also added that CW will air a special video titled “ A long way home,” which will celebrate the shows long history. Watch the glimpses of the finale here:

“Supernatural” cast:

-Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
-Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
-Misha Collins as Castiel
-alexander Calvert as Jack
-Ruth Connell as Rowena Macleod
-Jake Abel as Adam Milligan
-Rob Benedict as God
-Emily Swallow as Amara or The Darkness
-David-Hayden Jones as Arthur Ketch
-Lisa Berry as Billie or Death
-Orsic Chau as Kevin Tran
-Shoshannah Stern as Eileen Leahy

When will Supernatural Season 15 Final Episodes release?

The thrilling journey of the two brothers Sam and Dean, will come to an end. The series is only left to release two episodes and wrap the entire series of “Supernatural.” A show which was running for almost 15 years on Cw. Sam and Dean have faced every possible obstacle, from angels, demons to God himself, to save the world. But will in the finale they succeed in what they started to do? How will they face off with God himself turn out? And will God end all reality? Watch the series to know more about this intriguing journey of two brothers and their supernatural quests.


The final episode of the series will be releasing soon as the production after the pandemic has resumed. The 13 episodes are already on air, and the 15th season will be the final season. The cast has also put up emotional posts as they bid goodbye to their characters for 15 years. Watch the supernatural drama on CW if you haven’t already, and for more exciting updates on web series, entertainment news, and more, stay tuned to world wire.

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