T-Mobile Offers Free 5G For 3 Months With Microsoft Tablet

T-Mobile Offers Free 5G For 3 Months With Microsoft Tablet

With the nation’s biggest, fastest, and most recognized 5G network, T-Mobile dominates the 5G market.

Over 330 million people live within two million square miles of the Un-carrier’s 5G network, which is more coverage than both AT&T and Verizon put together.

With an all-day battery life and 5G connectivity to go with you throughout your day, the Surface Pro 9 with 5G combines a tablet’s flexibility with a laptop’s performance.

T-Mobile Offers Free 5G For 3 Months With Microsoft Tablet

What if we say you can enjoy both together at the same time? It will come off as a shock, right?

According to a recent announcement from T-Mobile and Microsoft, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with 5G will come with a 5G connection.

T-Mobile is providing free 5G connectivity for 90 days or 30 GB of data on the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet. Anyone who doesn’t already have T-Mobile 5G on their Surface can use this opportunity to experience the most awarded T-Mobile network without paying for connectivity.

To connect, activate your eSIM on the Un-carrier network. Additionally, 200MB of roaming is included in the offer.

As mentioned before, this offer is only for non-T-Mobile users. They are the ones eligible for the promotion. This may be frustrating news for the current users on this network.

We also need to consider how bringing this offer to current users could have resulted in challenges for T-Mobile in terms of invoicing.

Ulf Ewaldsson, T-Mobile’s president of technology, stated, “Gone are the days where you need to hunt for Wi-Fi or go to your local coffee shop just to connect to the internet,”

While adding, “With our industry-leading network, you can connect when and where you need to without even thinking about it or worrying about the risk of using public Wi-Fi. I am so proud to be working with Microsoft to unleash the future of connected PCs with the power of 5G.”

Pete Kyriacou, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Surface, stated, “Mobile connectivity has never been more important, and people are now empowered to work, play, stream, and more from virtually anywhere.”

Kyriacou added, “T-Mobile has an amazing 5G network, which makes it the perfect partner to provide connectivity that enhances the features of the Surface Pro 9 with 5G. Connected PCs are taken to a higher level with this partnership.”

Being one of the topmost wireless providers, T-Mobile maintained its image with a unique and out-of-the-box marketing strategy.

T-Mobile bought Mint Mobile, the wireless phone company that made use of actor and producer Ryan Reynolds in its advertisements; that acquisition valued the startup company at $1.35 billion. This acquisition became beneficial to T-Mobile.

Likewise, in April, the carrier and Major League Baseball expanded and renewed their six-year collaboration, another intelligent move by the carrier to offer free MLB.TV subscriptions to its customers via the T-Mobile app on Tuesdays through 2028.

So, this new offer is a whole new strategy to win users outside their carrier.

This offer also had a disclaimer stating that it is for a limited time and subject to change. As said before, only non-T-Mobile users may participate, and there is one trial per user.

It also states that the coverage will be unavailable In certain places, and this offer can’t be used abroad.

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