The T-Mobile network now covers almost 99% of Pennsylvania

The T-Mobile network now covers almost 99% of Pennsylvania.

T-Mobile has announced excellent news for its Pennsylvanian consumers.

Here you have the details of the news.

The T-Mobile network now covers almost 99% of Pennsylvania

According to a news release, the Un-carrier has significantly increased its investment in the state’s 5G wireless network. As a result, customers will benefit from improved coverage in an area larger than 37,000 square miles. The new network enhancement also covers nearly 99% of the state’s population.

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According to the statement, T-Mobile has been working on this project continuously. In 2021, the Un-carrier began enhancing the networks in the state. They’ve been able to add more than 700 more towers since then.

To handle the expansion of 5G, they have also upgraded over 3,000 towers around the state.

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More retail establishments have opened in the state due to this growth. In Pennsylvania, there are currently more than 240 retail outlets. In 2023 and 2024, The Un-carrier wants to open more locations.

T-Mobile will continue to add new towers and update old ones for the remainder of the year, so this is only the beginning.

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Edwige A. Robinson, senior vice president of field engineering at T-Mobile, said:

“Pennsylvanians are experiencing notable enhancements in wireless infrastructure, thanks to collaborative partnerships with local and state agencies and entities. The recent expansion of our 5G network across the state allows us to deliver enhanced wireless capabilities to individuals, families, and businesses, furthering our commitment to improving the customer experience.”


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