Tenet 2 is Possible? Tenet 2 Release Date & Expected Story- What to Expect? & Cast


Tenet just hit the theatre and many pages are claiming that there might be a part 2. It might be a far fetched dream because there is no news or announcement of the sequel yet and Christopher Nolan doesn’t make sequels that much. But there were some details in Tenet movie itself that suggest that there might be a part 2 of the thriller.

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Got Delayed Again? New Release Date Check Here

Tenet 2

Tenet just released a few days back in the UK and has been getting really good reviews. This movie was a milestone movie in more than one way.  Many fans stormed off to there nearest theaters to watch the movie. Fans were really excited to see a movie on the big screen after a long time. Even Tom Cruise who is in London at this moment took a break from his shooting and went to the theater to watch the movie. He tweeted his whole journey and his experience while watching the movie. The video he posted showed that fans were really excited while watching the movie and really loved it.


Tenet 2 Story & Plot

The thing is fans need cinema more than ever now. Just to see some fellow humans beside you enjoying the same thing and share the same experience. The pandemic is going to end and we will survive together through these dark days.

Now getting back to Tenet, this post will contain potential spoilers, so don’t scroll down if you haven’t watched the movie yet. The idea of Tenet getting a sequel comes from the ending of the movie where many things were revealed at the same time and blow the minds of the fans. Nolan is a master in deceiving the movie watchers and that’s why fans watch his movie again and again. Firstly, let’s clear one thing and that is “Tenet is not a sequel to the Inception”.

Tenet Ending Explained

Tenet ending reveals many things but still, there are so many questions that are still unanswered, the mysterious villains who were trying to destroy the world and if they are still looming at large they will try to destroy the world again. It was also revealed that Neil(Robert Pattinson) was already involved in the world-saving mission before ‘Protagonist’ brought him with him in the Tenet organization.  So it was Neil who was working all the time to help the Protagonist save the world without his knowledge. And their last conversation was proof of that. Their last conversation hints that both of them have a long history that we don’t know as of yet. It might be because of the Time inversion that affects the timeline.

So, if Christopher Nolan wants to make a sequel he can because there are a lot of areas remaining to be covered. And on top of that Nolan’s current schedule is totally blank unless he signs a Bond movie that has been rumored for so long. We also saw some Bond tease in this movie too, Just in Nolan’s own style. But don’t get your hopes too high as Nolan hasn’t made a single sequel of his original works other than The Dark Knight trilogy and his movies usually turns out like this only. There are still possibilities that this movie can get a sequel but nothing is fixed until we get an official announcement from the man himself.


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