Texas Midterm Elections schedule

Texas midterm

The midterm elections for Texas are scheduled for 8 November 2022 where Texas voters will pick their nominees for governor, attorney general, congressional seats and other gubernatorial seats in crucial battleground states. Texas is far ahead in the race against other states whose primary elections might not start until May. 

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Voters have cast their votes in the 2022 Texas primary election and we bring you live  results coverage.

Democrats grab legislative victories while Trump backs his minions in Texas elections

Biden, along with other congressional Democrats have managed to grab some key legislative victories and are all set to establish Ketanji Brown Jackson in a historic pick to the Supreme Court. Trump on the other hand, is busy laying the groundwork by endorsing his minions who supported his now – debunked claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential elections. Both wings are pushing hard to establish a grip on the forthcoming elections in 2024. 

Texas Primary : March 1

The primary election in Texas is scheduled for Tuesday, the results of which shall decide the nominees for the midterm in November.  The primary election process will last for six months till 13th September in Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Gov. Gregg Abbot is running a third time that could potentially lay the groundwork for a 2024 bid. Abbot is up against former Florida Rep. Allen West and former state Sen. Don Huffines in the Texas primary. 

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Two of the GOP’s incumbent representatives are currently under threat in their districts. Rep. Henry Cuellar is on the radar, facing a progressive challenge a few weeks after an FBI raid at his residence, while Rep. Van Taylor appears vulnerable for criticising the insurrection at Capitol Hill in 2021 and voting to certify Trump’s loss in the 2020 election. 

Attorney General Ken Paxton is having trouble because of an FBI investigation over allegations of corruption and is also facing heat for leading a failed lawsuit in support of Trump’s election fraud claims. 

Texas Midterm: November 8th

The Texas midterms are scheduled for November 8th this year and who will proceed to this stage of the 2022 elections is yet to be seen after the primary results.

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