Tech - TextNow APN Settings For iPhone And Android

TextNow APN Settings For iPhone And Android

TextNow APN Settings For iPhone And Android

Do you want to know how to do TextNow APN settings on your phone? You’re stumble upon the right page.

TextNow is the SIM company with the quickest growth rate in the US. It has 0.5 million active users and subscribers as of 2023.

TextNow began as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application in 2009, giving users access to a US phone number for texting or calling over Wi-Fi. TextNow has developed into a legitimate mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which utilizes other cellular networks to offer services.

There are two ways to use TextNow’s VoIP phone service, which is generally free. Use Wi-Fi to make unlimited domestic calls and texts after downloading the application, which is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

In the event that Wi-Fi is unavailable, you can utilize TextNow’s cellular network with an unlocked smartphone and SIM activation kit.

In the beginning, TextNow’s cellular service was provided over Sprint’s CDMA network. Later, the GSM-based T-Mobile network was incorporated into it.

They rely on T-Mobile and Sprint for their cell phone services. This carrier supports both CDMA and GSM technologies because it depends on the nationwide networks of Sprint and T-Mobile to provide its services.

The carrier can provide low monthly costs on its plans because of this Wi-Fi-centric strategy. The carrier has no contract conditions and offers various affordable plans.

Now that you know about TextNow. Let us get into what you came here for. To know about the TextNow APN Settings For iPhone And Android!

We will assist you with that in this article. Please keep reading for more information!

SIM Activation Kit, Compatibility and Procedure

Suppose you are interested in signing up for this carrier’s network. Then you can do so by BYOP (Bringing your own device) to TextNow, which is a cheap and easy option.

This can be useful for you if you wish to reduce the cost of your mobile phone bill while maintaining your present smartphone.

The SIM provided by TextNow can be used in all unlocked Android and iPhone devices to utilize their national network. You can make calls, send texts, and access their internet services.

If your phone is unlocked and runs Android 5.0 or later, and your iPhone is running iOS 13.0 or later and is unlocked, it may be considered compatible with this carrier. Or, if you want to check the compatibility of your device with TextNow, then you can even check it on their website.

If your device satisfies the specifications mentioned above, you can now connect it to this carrier’s network and begin using it. Order a SIM Activation Kit to receive free government phone service or unlimited data.

Once you have received the SIM activation kit, put your SIM card into your device and follow their easy activation instructions. You must set up your device with the appropriate TextNow APN settings in order to connect to this carrier’s network.

TextNow APN Settings For Android Device


Now let us get into TextNow APN Settings For Android! All Android smartphones like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, HTC, Huawei, Google, Realme, Nokia, Sony, Vivo, LG, Tecno, Acer, Asus, OnePlus, etc. can utilize this setting.

You need to find the ‘Access Point Name’ option on Android before you start configuring APN.

To find the APN option:

Settings>> Mobile Network>> Access Point Name>> Add Access Point

Then, fill out the Name and APN fields in accordance with the following table:

Settings Value
Name TextNow
APN textnow.static
Username (leave it blank)
Password (leave it blank)
Proxy (leave it blank)
Port (leave it blank)
Server (leave it blank)
MMSC (Leave it blank – not set)
MMS Proxy (Leave it blank – not set)
MMS Port (Not Set)
MCC 310
MNC 260
Authentication type (none)
APN type (default,supl)
APN protocol IPv4/IPv6
Bearer (Unspecified)
Mobile virtual network operator (none)

Based on your model, you may be advised to select one of the following options:

  • MVNO Type: GID
  • MVNO Value: 4358

After finishing all the following, select TextNow as the preferred APN and restart your phone.

TextNow APN Settings For iPhone

If you are trying to do TextNow APN Settings for an iPhone, start by finding Cellular Data or Mobile Data under Settings to configure APN on iOS. Navigate to settings and search for Cellular Data or Mobile Data. Depending on the model and version, this option may come in different names.

To locate APN in iOS, do the following:

Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Network

Then, fill out the Name and APN fields in accordance with the following table:

Settings Value
APN textnow.static
Username (Leave this blank)
Password (Leave this blank)

After finishing all of the following, as mentioned above, save the new TextNow APN settings. Then restart your phone.


TextNow phones: Are they unlocked?

No TextNow is usually locked. So, one must first unlock them in order to use them with a different carrier.

Does TextNow offer eSIM?

Yes, they are best suited only for international travellers. You can only access international data with these eSIM cards.

Can I Use TextNow Without WiFi?

If you cannot connect to a WiFi network, choose a mobile data package that best fits your requirements and use mobile data.

TextNow: Which Carrier Is It?

The Sprint network formerly supported this carrier. But in 2016, this provider began working with T-Mobile. Following T-Mobile’s 2020 acquisition of Sprint, this carrier was forced to rely entirely on T-Mobile in order to provide cell phone services.

TextNow: Is It CDMA Or GSM?

This carrier supports CDMA and GSM technology, as it depends on the nationwide networks of Sprint and T-Mobile to provide its services.

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