The God Of High School Episode 7 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & Where to Watch Online Updates?

The God Of High School Episode 7 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 7 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & Where to Watch Online Updates?: Episode 6 was really good, wasn’t it? Jin grandfather is alive and is a badass for sure. We got to know some new stuff and a new tournament is going to start now. The thing is anime made it feel like Jin’s grandfather was dead, whereas in the novel it was never like that. But, keeping that aside, the tournament is going 100 times from here on out. And after this episode, I can surely say that Han Daewi is the only sane person in the group of our three heroes.

The God Of High School Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 started with Jin’s grandfather sitting alone in the middle of the forest and whining how he hates waiting. The hooded figures come and ask him to reconsider the offer they gave him. They want him to come with them so he can carry out the duty the heavens bestowed upon him. He told them no and said that he will do whatever he likes and the fight has started. Cut ti Jin’s house, he is tired after a whole day and is thinking about what his grandfather might be doing.

After opening, Official GOH Channel, Big Bang is televising an episode where Referee Q and Referee O are a special guest and told us that district tournament has ended and after 2 weeks the national tournament will define the real God Of High School will be held. They also informed that The National Tournament will have the top 3 from each district as a team. And we cut to another broadcast where Mira ad Byeun are fighting to determine the third contestant from Seoul district and as expected Mira won effortlessly. Park Mujin and all the referees are analyzing the winners are saying that any one of them can possess the “key”.

They also told us that the 3 man team battle was a sudden change. They told us that another organization has also started working behind the scene and Park told them that he has called ‘The Six’. Jin, Mira, and Han were going back home when an unknown person walked by Jin, and Jin was surprised. Turned out that an unknown person was a member of ‘The Six’ and is really powerful and is a teacher of  Park Mujin. He told Park that he met Jin and will take him as his disciple. Back to the jungle, Jin’s grandfather has totally ruined the whole jungle with just one kick. The hooded figure use some mysterious power and ‘Sword Of Judgement’ comes falling down on Jin’s grandfather.

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Back to the city, Mira is thinking that she is just an extra in the team. And she is shopping when she meets the commentator. Turns out the commentator is blind and has a family with a kid. Park is discussing things with Han that he should fight to be at the top of the National tournament. Han asked about the mysterious power that the referee’s posses and Park told him that it is a borrowed power and everyone in the tournament will have that kid off the power.

Jin had a light sprain in his ankle and the old man form the six cured it with some trick. Commentator told Mira that he lost his eyes because of the Moonlight sword style. When he was going back he encounters an assassin from The Nox. We got to see more participants of the National Tournament and also we got to see other members of  ‘The Six’ and Park is a part of it. Next day Jin, Mira, and Han are going towards the battleground for the tournament. And we got the news that the commentator Shin Bomsa was killed and somewhere else it looks like Q is also dead by the same assassin.

The God Of High School Episode 7 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 7 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 7 will release on 17 August 2020. A new episode is released every Monday if there is no delay or change in schedule.

The God Of High School Episode 7 Preview

As of now no preview or spoiler has been out yet. But, the first match of the tournament is going to start and Team Seoul is in it. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the match. Q is the strongest referee so he might not die so easily, but nothing is for sure.

The God Of High School Episode 7 Where to Watch

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll and VRV and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will help the creators of the anime.


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