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The God of High School Episode 9 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & (Where to Watch)

The God Of High School

The God Of High School Episode 9 Release Date: We got a story episode in The God Of High School that actually felt good to watch. We all have to feel bad for Q, man hasn’t got paid for 9 months now. This episode put some perspective on the anime and its story and for the first time, there were some behind the scenes that really mattered. The main issue with The God Of High School after 8 episodes is that there is no actual flow in the show as of now, it feels like more of a compilation of many videos put together. A single episode feels good to watch but if you look at the whole story it is kind of downgrading it. Still, there are many episodes left to come out and we hope that they solve this problem and we are good to go.

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The God Of High School Episode 8 Recap

Jeon Jugok is getting treatment for his injuries when a person asks Park why isn’t he disqualifying Jegal Taek as everyone can see that he is too dangerous and can lay waste to the whole tournament. Park replied that there is a possibility that he might be the “Key”. Back at the arena the match two of The God Of HighSchool is underway. The match is between Team Chungcheongnam-Do Vs Team Jeollanam-Do. The first round has been won by Cha Seokwoo of Team Chungcheongnam-Do.

The second round is between Park Seungah Vs Namgung Do. Park Ilpyo who is the leader of Team Chungcheongnam-Do told Park Seungah to follow his strategy and she will win. Park Seungah follow Ilpyo’s strategy and land a counter right on Namgung Do’s chin which led to a perfect knockdown. It is also revealed that after his interference in the previous match Han Daewi is suspended from participating. The final round is between Gwim Gi and Park Ilpyo. The winner will go to the semi-final. Jin is surprised after seeing a Tiger mark on the hoodie of Park Ilpyo.

The God of High School

Ilpyo was dominating from the start when Gwim unleashed his hidden powers, but Ilpyo with his lightning speed technique knocked Gwim down in a second and won the match. Jin realized that the Tiger on Ilpyo’s hoodie is the same as the logo on his grandfather’s military uniform. After the match, we got to know that Park Mujin has followed Jin Grandfather’s whereabouts to protect him. He asks Jin if someone has contacted him asking about his grandfather. Jin denies and then the referee told him about the jungle incident that involved his grandfather. Jin told them that if his Grandfather is fighting someone he is worried about the opponents. Back at the park, Ilpyo meets Jin and had a friendly brawl with him. He told Jin that he really respects Jin Taejin.

We get a flashback of Ilpyo and we got to know that his father dies relly early and his mom left him and he was considered a failure in martial arts. When Jin Taejin reached him and gave him a general manual that was left by his grandfather. Back at the park, Jegal Taek attacks Jin and Ilpyo. We got another flashback that revealed Jegal and Ilpyo had a rivalry and that’s why he attacked them. Jegal left just after attacking them once. Back at the headquarters, Q attacks Park Mujin and ask him why did he let Shim Bongsa and his family get killed.

The God of High School Episode 9

It was revealed that Shim Bongsa family is alive and well. Han asks Q to train him master the borrowed power. Mujin told every referee that Nox will attack and ruin God Of High School from now on and he authorize the release of referee’s limiters and a war has been started. After that, it was a light-hearted couple of minutes where everyone celebrated Jin’s 17th birthday. But in the end, we saw Jin receiving a letter that contained a map and a photo of his abducted grandfather.

The God Of High School Episode 9 Release Date

The God Of High School Episode 9 will release on August 31, 2020. A new episode is released every Monday if there is no delay or change in schedule.

The God Of High School Episode 9 Preview

As of now no preview or spoiler has been out yet. But it looks like Jin will rush to save his grandfather. It looks like he won’t tell Han and Mira about it, so he might not be a part of their next match, which really affects their chances of winning as Mira will have to fight alone. We also don’t know that if only Jin has got the letter.

The God Of High School Episode 9 Where to Watch

You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll and VRV and we advise you to use only the legal sources to watch anime as it will help the creators of the anime. You can also stream the anime on MuseAsia official youtube channel.

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