The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, & Spoilers (Updates)

The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 3

The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 3 Release Date, Preview and Spoilers: The Misfit Of A Demon King in its first two episodes haven’t been living up to there expectations. The first two episodes were kind of bland or you can say that flat. But let’s not judge the show this early because one episode can change the whole dynamic of the show.

The anime is based on a light novel series of the same name which is written by Shu. The online serialization of the novel began in April 2017, with the first chapter being released on March 10, 2018. Soon after that, the novel was picked up by Kayaharuk for manga production, and the first chapter of manga was released on November 10, 2018, just 8 months after the online serialization of the first chapter of the novel. Now, without getting into any more technical stuff let’s look at what has happened till now and what can happen in the future.

The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 2 

It has been put out that our Demon King is too strong to be defeated. The flashback at the start of the episode showed us that Anos has made an agreement with his rival for the actual peace. He said that he will put up walls between all four realms and they won’t open for the next 1000 years.

Now, back to the present and Demon King decides that the noblest thing he can do right now is giving in to peace by not using his power. We saw in the first episode that the New Demon King is just as powerful as the old one. Anos is a misfit in his academy as suggested by the title of the series.

Then we saw the rivalry between Anos and Sasha just before the tournament in which Anos was allowed to participate even though he is a hybrid. Sasha challenges him to a duel in which only Sasha’s sister Misha tokks Anos’s side. At the tournament, Anos defeats everyone so easily. As per the deal, Sasha joins Anos, and Anos told her that she has immense power hidden inside her.

Later, at Anos house after the dinner, Sasha kisses Anos and from there a love triangle starts as Misha also likes Anos as shown earlier in the episode.

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The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 3 Release Date

The new episode of The Misfit Of Demon King will release on 18 July, 2020. A new episode is released every saturday if there is no last minute change in the schedule.

The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 3 Preview And Spoilers

No spoilers or preview has been released so as of now we can’t say anything for sure before the episode comes out. But one thing for sure is the love triangle between the three main characters might be the only way by which our all-powerful Demon King can be defeated. But we have to wait for 3 more days to see what will actually happen.

The Misfit Of A Demon King Academy Episode 3 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episodes of The Misfit Of A Demon King on Crunchyroll. We request you to use only legal and legit sources to watch the show as it will help and promote the work of creators.


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