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Todd Muller Net Worth

Todd Muller Net Worth: Around 2 months back, Tod Muller stepped in to compete for the leadership of the National Party from Simon Bridges and he won the leadership. However, the position didn’t last long as he resigned just after 53 days after winning the position. Who is Tod Muller who emerged as the winner of the National Party from Simon Bridges? In this article, we will know about Tod Muller.

Todd Muller

On being asked about him at his first press conference, Muller said that he is a Bay of Plenty boy, a Te Puna boy who dwells in the kiwifruit rural heartland of New Zealand. He also said that he is a dad to his three kids.

Muller is a middle-aged Pākehā family man who comes from an agricultural background. His great grandfather Henry Skidmore was the Mayor of Te Aroha who served there for the long term and became an inspiration for Muller. His parents started the Kiwifruit company Apata which is now one of the biggest in the industry. Muller has been a Catholic since he was a small boy.

Muller has grown up in Te Puna which was to the north of Tauranga at that time, however, now it has been swallowed by the growing cities. He completed his studies at a local Catholic convent school and was the only Pākehā boy studying there for around two years. After this, he went to Tauranga Boys where he joined the Old Boys mafia of the school.

Todd Muller Career

He built his career at Zespri for several years, he switched to Fonterra at a relatively lower position, which exposed him to the top brass. According to a former colleague of Muller, the boss placed him in a senior management position during a period of restructuring. There was no election similar to the election.

Muller then became the National climate change spokesperson and unhappy with the climate policy, he said that the warming was really taking place. He then became the nation’s agriculture spokesperson and sensing the scandal by Te Papa, investigated it, and proved that the polluted water shown was because of the dissolved brown dye in it.

Before becoming an MP, Muller was the front-row seater for 3 years serving as executive assistant to then-Prime Minister Jim Bolger in his second term between 1994 and 1997.

Later in 2001, he became an industrial relations manager for Zespri followed by becoming general manager for their corporate and grower services, and chief executive of Apata Ltd, a post-harvest kiwifruit and avocado supplier.

Todd Muller Resign Reason

In 2014, he was elected as a new MP for the Bay of Plenty as part of the John Key-led government. Most of the leaders think that Muller is smart and has leadership potential, however, coming in front so soon by him, wasn’t expected by them. However, his health didn’t support him and he resigned as the National Party leader due to some health issues. However, he is going to continue to serve the party as its loyal member.

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