Tom Morello Net Worth – How Much is He Worth?

Tom Morello Net Worth - How Much is He Worth

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Tom Morello Net Worth

According to a recent 2023 estimation, Tom Morello’s Net Worth is estimated to be $45 Million.

Morello is popular for his tenure with Rage Against the Machine, a rap metal band, and Audioslave, a hard rock band.

He was a Member of the Supergroup Prophets of Rage Between 2016 and 2019. With Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band, Morello was a touring musician.

Morello released his solo work Under the Moniker, The Nightwatchman. He formed a Street Sweeper Social club with Boots Riley. He is also a co-founder of Axis of Justice. It is a monthly program on Pacifica Radio Station KPFK (90.7 FM) in Los Angeles.

Tom Morello Salary and Earnings

Morello is best known for his unique Guitar playing style, singing, and political Activism. His income mainly relies on his Musical Career.

He switched to several band groups but mostly worked with Rage Against the Machine, a Rap Metal Band. He is also known as The Nightwatchman for his solo work Under the Moniker, The Nightwatchman.

According to a recent 2023 estimation, Tom Morello earns $3 million annually and has a net worth of $45 million.

He earns from his Tours with his band, Selling albums & merchandise, Licensing his music, and Writing books and songs.

In addition, he also earns from his investments and his partnership with the music publishing company Morello Music & Management.  He also co-founded the non-profit organization Axis of Justice with his wife, Denise Luiso.

Tom Morello Biography and Early Life

Tom Morello Biography and Early Life

Tom Morello is an American guitarist who is known for his singing, songwriting, and political activism.

Thomas Baptist Morello was born on 30th May 1964 in Harlem, New York. His Mother, Mary Morello, is an Italian and Irish descent American. She was a School teacher from Marseilles, Illinois.

Morello’s mother received a Master of Arts at Loyola University, Chicago, and traveled worldwide as an English Language Teacher, including Germany, Spain, Japan, and Kenya, Between 1977 and 1983.

Morello’s Father, Ngethe Njoroge, is a Kenyan Kikuyu. He participated in the Mau Mau Uprising from 1952 to 1960. Morello’s Family Background has some political relations as well.

His aunt Jemimah Gecaga served as a Legislature of Kenya; she was the first woman to do so. Morello’s Uncle Njoroge Mungai was considered one of the Founding Fathers of Modern Kenya; he was a Kenyan Cabinet Minister and Member of Parliament.

Morello’s parents encountered while attending a pre-democracy in Nairobi, Kenya, in August 1963. They returned to the US in November and married in New York. Morello’s Mother raised him in Libertyville, Illinois, and he went to Libertyville High School, where his mother was a US History Teacher.

Morello was a classmate of fellow guitarist Adam Jones from Band Tool, and his mother was the homeroom teacher of that class.

Tom Morello Education

Morello Graduated from Liberty High School in June 1982. After that, he attended Harvard University as a Political Science student.

Morello and his Band Won the Ivy League Battle of Bands in 1986 with Carolyn Bertozzi. He graduated with a BA in Social Studies from Harvard University in 1986.

Tom Morello Wife

Tom Morello Wife
Credit- Billboard

Tom Morello married his wife, Denise Luiso, in 2009. The couple has two children Rhodes, born in 2007, and Roman, born in 2011.

Denise Luiso is a music supervisor and has worked on films such as “The Hunger Games” and “The Fault in Our Stars.” She also co-founded the non-profit organization “Axis of Justice,” which promotes social justice through music.

Tom Morello Career

Morello was involved in several Band groups from the age of 13. He bought his first guitar and Joined a Band called Nebula. He started a band in 1991, now popular as Rage Against the Machine. The next year they signed a record deal with Epic Records and released their first album.

Furthermore, Morello released three more albums with his band in the next few years when they were experiencing Financial and critical success releasing several albums.

He also got involved in several other music projects besides this band. In 2003, He started The Nightwatchman, which was his solo work. He dropped an album, “One Man Revolution,” as The Nightwatchman.

Morello became popular for his involvement in the Street Sweeper Social Club, formed in 2006. Later he joined the Prophet of Rage. Morello also worked on several other projects, including The Atlas Underground and collaboration with Groups like Anti-Flag, Primu, Linkin Park, and Knife Party.

The Band reunited in 2007 and performed at Coachella. They decided to stay together again because of their huge success. The band’s original members toured worldwide over the next few years. The Band announced in 2020 that they would be reuniting once again for Coachella.

Throughout his career, Tom Morello made a net worth of $40 Million as an American guitarist and singer.


How old is Tom Morello?

Morello was born on 30th May 1964 and is now 59 years old.

How tall is Tom Morello?

Tom Morello is 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) tall.

What Nationality does Tom Morello hold?

Morello holds American Nationality.

Who is Tom Morello’s Wife?

Morello is married to Denise Luiso.

What is Tom Morello Net Worth?

According to the latest update and several references, Tom Morello’s Net Worth is approximately $45 Million.

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