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Top 10 telegram channels for Conservatives.

Have you ever wanted to join a group where you can find like-minded people who share your views and ideologies? Telegram is the right place to go. Telegram is just a group messaging platform where you can message other people and message you all in a group chat. There are public groups, and there are private groups as well. All groups, even public ones, are encrypted so that no one can see your chat info.

Why should I use Telegram? I can join groups on other platforms.

The owner and creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, is known to criticize WhatsApp and its security mechanisms avidly. As you know, WhatsApp steals a lot of data from its users and then sells it to big analytics companies. After all, it is owned by Facebook. Telegram, on the other hand, is laser-focused on security and encryption. Everything you send from video to text is encrypted so that no one else can see what you sent. Telegram has also barely made a profit in its lifetime, and this is because the owner of Telegram, Pavel Durov, is not focused on creating the most profitable app ever. He is more focused on creating a reliable app that is concerned about your security and privacy. 

What can you do in Telegram, other than the obvious?

Finding like-minded people in any field of thinking can be an excellent way of learning and improving your abilities. If you want to learn about conservatism a little more than you already know, then I think you should learn from other people. Having other people interact and chat with you can help you in many ways. It’s better than just watching a video about a specific subject; you can interact with people interested in the same subject as you and are veterans in the field. You will find Telegram extremely useful in this scenario.

How do you join a group?

Telegram has an exciting way to join groups. Unlike other messaging platforms, you can’t just search up a group name and join it. You will have to be in the location of the other group members to be able to join the actual group. This enables the group members to interact with each other about the things that are more important to their area and geographical landscape. But there is another way to join groups: get a link to join a group. Now, without further ado, if you are interested in conservatism and like interacting with other people, you will surely benefit from this list of the ten best Telegram groups for conservatives. But first, you will need to download Telegram on your phone or visit the website on your computer, and then sign up.

How to Download Telegram and Sign up?

You can visit the Apple app store if you are on an IOS device. Google Play Store in case you are on an Android device. Search on the search bar, the keyword, “Telegram,” and there you will find it, and then you will need to download it. If you are on a computer, you can type in “Telegram web” in the browser and visit it that way. Please note that you will need to download the app on your phone to see the web version of Telegram. Telegram will display you a QR code on your computer screen that you will need to scan through your mobile app of Telegram.

The Top 10 Telegram Groups for Conservatives. 

World Wire

Join – World-wire telegram

Donald J. Trump

This telegram channel includes daily updates and press releases from the 45th President of USA. This telegram channel is the biggest telegram channel in terms of members. All the Uncensored posts from the Office of Donald J. Trump is shared in this channel.

Joining Link–

Mike Lindell

Inventor and CEO of MyPillow, Author of “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO,” Executive Producer, Creator of MyStore and Lindell Recovery Network. Mike Lindell is a hard-core conservative and a Trump Supporter. Mike Lindell shares various Conservatives reports and documentaries on a regular basis on his telegram channel.

Joining Link –

Seth Keshel

Seth Keshel’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he is an executive and a former sports analyst, but does not specify any electoral experience. His report notes that the state-by-state tally of Biden’s “excess votes” is based on “lenient” estimates, which require further analysis, although he frequently repeats the false claim that the numbers indicate fraud. Seth keshel shares various reports based on his analysis on this telegram channel.

Joining Link –


At world-wire’s telegram channel we share the latest events and news in the conservative media.

Joining Link –

The Washington Post official 

This is the official Telegram group of the Washington Post, and you can go wrong with that. You can see all of the daily news and facts on the Washington news website. You can also ask for opinions and put your views on the pedestal. Make sure to be respectful.

Spherical News 

As implied by the title, this Telegram group covers news and daily facts from all across the globe. People from anywhere in the world can join as with any group on this list. You can also take polls and speak out your own opinions. Remember to be respectful.

Real Deplorables 

This Telegram group focuses on area-specific news. It will give you local information that is often not available on more prominent news websites. The areas that this Telegram group sports news for or all in the Americas.

Political News and polls 

This Telegram channel focuses explicitly on news and polls. You can conduct polls on this Telegram group and respond to other people’s votes. Remember to be respectful and pleasant.

Youth times 

Youth times will give you New age news and technology-related news as well. This will broaden your worldview and will help you understand what the kids are talking about these days. Be respectful.

Viral Daily 

If you want to know what is viral, the video everyone is speaking about, then you’ve come to the right place in this Telegram group. This Telegram group will post videos and articles about the newest news and wildest videos. Always be respectful.

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