Brand post - Top LMS Trends For 2022

Top LMS Trends For 2022

Top LMS Trends For 2022

The need for cloud-based learning management systems has grown as enterprises seek adaptive, flexible, secure, and reliable solutions to provide effective online training to employees. 

But before we can move on to the trends prevalent today, let me give you a brief description of what is an LMS.

A learning management system (LMS) aims to give learning and development (L&D) departments the tools and resources they need to keep their workforce competitive and updated. These tools help in tracking and delivering online training resources to employees, allowing them to consume content from wherever they are and at whatever time they deem convenient. 

Here Are Some Of The Top LMS Trends For 2022

An LMS can be used to help onboard new employees

As more enterprises turn to LMS for onboarding, companies have discovered that these platforms can be used for more than internal training, turning this into a big learning management system trend in 2022.

Your eLearning platform is a great way to speed up the onboarding process. Not only does an LMS allow HRs to streamline onboarding processes and design a wonderful experience for new recruits, but it is also an excellent method of introducing a culture of learning and development among them. If done effectively, this significantly reduces the time it takes to onboard new employees, resulting in immediate and long-term benefits for businesses.

Gaming-based education is expected to be a big hit

For a long time, online instructors have struggled to keep their employees interested in online training courses and boost the completion rate. As a way to address this issue, gamification was employed. Today, it is one of the most trending features of LMS in 2022 and it is predicted that its popularity will continue to grow in the future as well.

Gamification is an application of game-based learning to make training content more exciting and enjoyable for employees. Gamified learning is a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated while enhancing their understanding and knowledge retention of the online training programs. 

Instructors are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate elements of video games into their lesson plans while developing new instructional materials. By giving popular alternatives like virtual currency and badges, LMS that gamify the learning process will be sought after by decision-makers even more. 

Hands-on learning

Efficacy is directly related to the amount of active learning that is offered. Effectiveness in online learning is of utmost importance to ensure engagement and comprehension. Interactive learning encourages employees to participate actively in activities rather than simply reading the given text. 

The efficiency and retention of knowledge acquired through such an eLearning experience are significantly improved. It is more likely that cloud-based LMS systems that offer a similar user experience via features like query sessions, chat assistance, and leader boards would be the best options to choose from. It is such features that aid in a better grasp, better interaction with the source, more practice, and an improved engagement rate.

The Model of Blended Learning

Many businesses provide training to their employees even when they are working from home. Training is an indispensable practice in this world where competency is crucial. 

In response to remote training, there will be an increasing need for LMS solutions that can handle a blended learning strategy in 2022, which incorporates traditional face-to-face learning and eLearning to satisfy the increasing needs of today’s learners. It is essential that the LMS support instructor-led learning as well as access to instructional information in several formats. Decision-makers will also look for LMS systems that include video and audio conferencing functionalities.

Personalization is expected to be a prominent LMS trend in 2022

There is a challenge for learning management systems to suggest and offer the courses that are relevant to individual learner, but many are growing better at it. More personalization is possible, regardless of whether you facilitate your courseware on-demand or offer mobile learning possibilities. 

New technology is making it easier for LMS platforms to supply online learners with courses tailored to their specific needs, collect data about their progress, and provide customized eLearning experiences. 

Mixed and Extended Learning

It is widely accepted that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have the potential to revolutionize both traditional and online training. Extended reality (ER) will help employees learn more effectively. 

Rather than reading or hearing information, employees can better absorb concepts by visualizing them. In 2022, expect mixed and extended reality to continue as a popular LMS trend. For an immersive eLearning experience, many LMS solutions will be revamped or enhanced with the help of newer technologies.

Customer Experience Management

Customer experience management is another significant trend in Learning management systems that is gaining popularity. Changes in customer expectations and rising competition in the business world have underlined the need for these tools. 

Consumer experience (CX) is incorporating customer feedback into every part of a company. In other words, it implies reaching out to clients on more than just the usual channels and tactics to build lasting relationships. You need a well-designed learning management system to ensure your consumers can locate what they are looking for. 

Apart from that, it is also important to ensure that your customers are able to navigate through your products and services, and are able to utilize them within a limited time frame. The longer they take to understand your product, the more challenging it will get for you to turn them into a returning customer. With the help of an LMS, organizations today are able to provide customer training that allows the buyers to quickly understand the product features and services to the fullest. 

Data Security

In addition to the enormous amount of data available, there is the risk of data breaches due to malicious hackers, human errors, or prejudice. Data security is a trend that won’t go away, but every industry will need to add to it often. One significant trend to consider when choosing an LMS is how to keep data breaches to a minimum and use software tools that help with this. Holes in the network infrastructure need to be closed so that valuable information can be kept safe. All safety rules must be followed, limited domain access, and learning technologies must be at the cutting edge.


If you need help deploying and managing your online training materials, LMS is the only solution to turn to for these services. The LMS trends mentioned above rapidly advance training techniques because they give productive, innovative, and exciting solutions. The LMS and eLearning trends change regularly. Consider both 2022 LMS projections and trends to select an LMS that will be useful and relevant for a longer time.

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