Trump National Doral SPA: All You Need to Know

Trump National Doral SPA: All You Need to Know

The Trump Doral National Spa offers a unique and relaxing experience full of joy and serenity. The meticulous stimulation of senses immerses visitors in a sanctuary of tranquility. The Trump Spa aims to establish routes for each visitor to “inner health and external beauty” by providing top-notch treatments and soothing massages that are specially created for women, men, and couples. 

Trump National Doral SPA

Trump National Doral SPA: All You Need to Know

Including hot and cold plunges, a Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, and more, the Trump Spa offers tranquil amenities for refreshment. In addition to a 24-hour fitness facility and daily fitness classes, the famous Doral golf resort and spa offers other amenities to support and even improve your health routine while you’re there. 

Trump National Doral SPA

 Local visitors may take advantage of free parking at the spa on the day of their appointment, as well as access to the resort’s 24-hour resort fitness center, group exercise classes, and the Royal Palm Pool when they schedule spa services lasting 50 minutes or more (excluding salon services).

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 Trump Doral National Spa prices

 Though the prices of most massages and treatments can vary from person to person, some do have their price mentioned. Most massages will cost you around $180 to $280, however, some advanced massages may cost more. 

 Trump Doral National Spa Phone Number

 To book spa treatments and massages among other activities, call +13056396230. Conveniently situated at 8755 NW 36th street is The Trump Doral National Spa. From the Pritikin Longevity Center’s Spa Parking Lot, it is simple to get to the spa. 


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