Trump plans to celebrate his 76th birthday at Bedminster Golf Club: ‘He has to keep busy.’

Trump plans to celebrate his 76th birthday at Bedminster Golf Club: 'He has to keep busy.'

Donald Trump turns seventy-six on Tuesday. But it seems that he’s extra involved with politics than celebrations, notwithstanding performing assured in the front of the Republican Party. However, sources say he is more interested in politics than the party, although he is convinced of its importance to the Republicans. Trump plans to celebrate his 76th birthday at Bedminster Golf Club, ‘He has to keep busy.’

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Trump plans to celebrate his 76th birthday at Bedminster Golf Club: ‘He has to keep busy’

“Whatever Donald thinks of his birthday and his old age, he keeps it himself,” a source said, adding “As long as he is healthy, he will remain active in Republican politics, and his age is not important. He is surrounded by people of all ages who encourage him to take the lead at the party increase.” Just before Memorial Day weekend, Trump left Mar-a-Lago on Palm Beach in the summer and moved to his 5,000-square-foot “cottage” in New Jersey.

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It overlooks his Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, where he plans to live until the fall when the Mar-a-Lago club resumes in the winter season. According to sources, Melania and her son Barron, 16, will also be spending much of the summer in Bedminster until his South Florida school starts in August.

Donald Trump “hates his birthday,” according to Ivanka Trump

People close to Trump, including ex-wife Ivanka Trump, who told PEOPLE last year that “Donald hates his birthday,” agreeing that he likes to downplay the celebration. “He will probably play golfing at Bedminster. He envisions a midterm election as a Republican renaissance,” said a political source close to Trump. “He considers himself as he has been doing for weeks and features a small, low-key dinner on the membership with some contributors of his family,” a supply tells PEOPLE. “He doesn’t pass all out for his birthday. He is quite recurring, so do not search for fireworks.” Over the past few weeks, Trump has played regular rounds at the 36-hole Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, sometimes at other clubs in the northeast.

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He also maintains a busy travel schedule, attends rallies to support his favorite candidates, and occasionally travels to New York. “He conceits a midterm election as a Republican renaissance,” said a political source close to Trump. “He considers himself an American savior.” Last week, at the first public hearing on the January 6th event, instigators who attacked the Capitol called the former President’s actions “a coordinated multi-step effort to overturn the 2020 election results.”

Donald Trump is focusing on his plans for 2024

Even people near him, including Attorney General William Barr and his daughter Ivanka, who advised his father during his tenure, testified that there was no widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the election. However, Trump continues to dismiss the findings and those who disagree with him. Everyone near Donald encourages him to move on from the 2020 elections. “He needs to talk about his great achievements as a president like peace in the Middle East and focus on his plans for 2024, but he just doesn’t give up.”


Some of his recent support helped the primaries, but he suffered losses in several states such as Nebraska, Georgia (and other candidates above and below), and Idaho. “Trump’s results have been mixed,” a political source says. “But he believes that everything he says or does is gold. Hearing his own words lifts him up.” Trump makes every effort to dismiss any negative information about himself or his candidates. He is looking forward to his own endorsements and election participation in the coming months. “Even when moderate Republicans mock him as the GOP’s ‘Grand Poobah,’ he moves forward as if he didn’t get the joke,” a political source says. “This is a genuine talent that can go a long way in politics and has frequently worked in his favor.”

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Trump is “happiest when he’s in the spotlight, surrounded by celebrities”

According to the source, Trump will continue to campaign and raise funds as if he were running for President in 2024, especially because he is concerned about other potential Republican candidates, such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis, receiving more media attention. However, “he will sit it out in the end.” He has a “good life, wants to keep doing what he likes, and doesn’t want to risk another defeat,” according to the source. According to a Palm Beach source, Trump enjoys the attention that comes with being at the center of politics and hanging out with people who regard him as “royalty.” A family friend tells PEOPLE, “He has to keep his finger on the pulse.” “He’s happiest when he’s in the spotlight, surrounded by celebrities.”

Trump family

His own family members are celebrities, Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, Ivan Trump, a celebrity, Ivanka Trump is a business woman, Tiffany Trump, Daughter of Donald Trump, Melanie Trump, Former First Lady of the United States.

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