Trump plans to Visit Argentina, to meet President-elect Javier Milei

Trump plans to Visit Argentina, to meet President-elect Javier Milei

Argentina libertarian Milei defeated Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa With about 56% of the vote.

As announced by Milei’s office on Thursday, former President Donald Trump has informed President-elect Javier Milei of Argentina that he intends to visit the country in South America to meet with Milei.

Trump plans to visit Argentina to meet President-elect Javier Milei

The trip’s date is unknown, although Mr. Milei’s inauguration is scheduled for December 10. On December 10, Milei will take office promising economic shock therapy, including cutting spending, ditching the peso, and closing the central bank.

According to a statement released by Mr. Milei’s office, “The president-elect received a call last night from the former US president, Donald Trump, who congratulated him and pointed out his triumph by a wide margin in last Sunday’s election had a great impact on a global scale.”

Milei spoke with Trump on Wednesday, just a few hours after he had a conversation with President Joe Biden.

As per the White House, Milei was congratulated by Biden, and he highlighted “The strong relationship between the United States and Argentina on economic issues, on regional and multilateral cooperation, and on shared priorities, including advocating for the protection of human rights, addressing food insecurity, and investing in clean energy,”

Luis Majul, a local journalist who revealed the information first, wrote on X early on Thursday, claiming that Milei’s communication with the GOP front-runner was “facilitated” by Eduardo Bolsonaro, the lawmaker and son of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Milei replied under the post, affirming, “That’s right.”

Taking social media into his hands, Trump also wrote his post congratulating Milei on the win through a video on Tuesday. Trump declared, “A very special congratulations to Javier Milei on a great race for president of Argentina. I am very proud of you. You will turn your country around and truly Make Argentina Great Again!”

Milei praised Trump in an earlier this year interview with Tucker Carlson, the former host of Fox News.

Milei urged Trump during the interview, “Continue with his fight against socialism, because he’s one of the few who fully understood that the battle is against socialism, that the battle is against the statists. ” Milei has also been frequently compared to the president.

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