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Truth Social review

Truth Social rip off

The Software Freedom Conservancy has accused the firm behind Truth Social, a platform that promotes open global dialogue, of ripping off code and breaking a software licensing agreement. The allegations could result in legal action or perhaps a reorganization of the corporation. The firm lacks fundamental security engineering capabilities and does not have a compliance team or attorneys on staff. It’s a fair bet that it’ll be around for a long time.

Unlike many conservative social media sites, this one does not advocate for any one political position. “We are the people, not the party,” it proclaims. “We are the people,” it proclaims. The tagline alludes to the fact that the president-elect is a representative of the Democratic Party.

Truth Social app reviews

Truth Social Icon

Truth Social is an app available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. It is presently available for pre-order on the Apple App Store, but not yet on Android. The business is suing Google for refusing to let it be distributed for free. They also intend to develop Truth TV, a subscription video-on-demand service that will provide conservative entertainment programs. Although no precise release date has been revealed, the firm has stated that it will be available in the following weeks.

Truth Social website

You can now visit the Truth Social public website. The website’s interface is eerily similar to that of Twitter, which was shut down by the social media behemoth following the January 6th uprising. A profile page is also included in the app, where you may add a photo, bio, and followers. Twitter has failed to react to Insider’s request for comment, despite the absence of a public response.

Truth Social Cost

This social media platform is similar to Twitter in that it allows users to upload a variety of different sorts of material, such as videos and images. You may also respond to other people’s posts by like, re-sharing, and liking their posts. Truth Social, on the other hand, will not permit any immoral or violent content. For Apple users, Truth Social includes a sign-up page. If you haven’t already done so, go to the App Store and sign up for Truth Pre-Order.

Truth Social has been recently launched check our guide to 👉  How to create a new account on Truth Social – Sign Up / Login to Truth Social

Its website is a good place to start a political conversation, but it isn’t flawless. You must adhere to the site’s guidelines. In general, you should be considerate of others and refrain from using offensive words. Truth Social, on the other hand, asks that you adhere to the site’s guidelines. You should not use the app to harass or attack others.

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