Truth Social Update – Nunes gives MAJOR update on Truth Social

How to delete an account on Truth Social

Truth Social, a social media platform and a competitor to Twitter and Facebook, was spearheaded by US ex-President Donald Trump. Donald Trump decided to launch his own platform under the parent company Trump Media & Technology Group, or TMTG for short after Twitter and Facebook banned him over the Capitol riot controversy.

Truth Social Update : Truth Social App is undergoing new updates

Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social media platform, will undertake “significant capacity upgrades” to improve the app’s “work and reliability,” which was dubbed a failure by many after its February launch was marred by numerous technical issues. The updates are planned for Friday morning from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. ET, according to an official statement shared by the app’s technical support.

Truth Social Update

“New truths will not be able to be posted for several minutes during that window, whereas read direct exposure will continue to stay constantly available,” the statement says, before saying thank to website visitors for their “patience and understanding” as even the team continues to “refine” the app According to CNBC, on the day the app was released, Feb 21, Truth Social was among the most apps downloaded on Apple’s App Store. The Truth Social rollout’s waiting-in-line phase has come to an end at a convenient time.

What did Devin Nunes say about the updates?

Devin Nunes, the Governor of California and member of congress, turned CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, announced on Newsmax Thursday that almost all Truth Social subscriber base with just an iPhone would then enter the Truth Social realm “in just a few days” while appearing on “The Chris Salcedo Show.”

Devin Nunes releases Truth Social Update

Following that, subscribers from other devices will be able to access the app. There will be no more bottlenecks in beta testing. And there’s no need to be concerned about corporate censorship.

Nunes told People about Truth Social’s new data centre

Nunes told People about Truth Social’s new data centre, which opened on Thursday. “There is no Big Tech [overreach] and all of the equipment is brand new. What’s more, guess what? No one can put a stop to us “Nunes said this with a big grin on his face.

Truth Social Update

The idea for a Trump-backed app that promotes free speech didn’t germinate instantly after and then Donald Trump was banned by Twitter in January 2021, just as Joe Biden was sworn in. And now, according to Nunes, Americans could indeed happily return to the world of social media without worry of corporate retaliation. “I’m seated here [endorsing Truth Social], and Donald Trump founded this company for one reason: we have nowhere else to go. There was nothing else to do “According to Nunes, Truth Social has been launched on Apple’s App Store.

Restoring the voice of America through the Truth Social app

“But still most importantly, we’re restoring the voice of the American people, which is exactly what President Trump wanted.” The fact that Netflix’s stock has lost a significant portion of its value this week has no bearing on the release of Truth Social, according to Nunes. However, this is not always the case, as the Trump tech team looks for other way of filling the voids in content creation. Perhaps someday streaming or streaming video will be available.

Truth Social Update

“People are tired of this woke nonsense, as well as I believe they are rebelling,” Nunes said. “It’s incredible to see a platform for people are truly grateful… It’s obvious that this is a place for serious people, not bots.”  “When you open something up for the free speech, people will return in droves,” Nunes continued, “and it starts building a society, and is what social networks was supposed to be.” Truth Social’s beta testing phase is now complete, and Nunes claims the new app will provide a cutting-edge experience for all subscribers, regardless of party leanings. Nunes stated, “We’re going to open up to everyone.” Around 500,000 people signed up for Step I of the Truth Social deployment in February.

Devin Nunes drops another easter egg on Truth Social

“We’re going to do it our way. We’re not going to be held to some unrealistic deadlines predicated on what some fictitious news outlet publishes. I’ve made it clear, as has President Trump, that we’re going to take it one step at a time… We’re going to build this systematic way and correctly, and we’re going to do it on our own, at our own pace. Hopefully, we will be able to open up all of this to the rest of the world – at least for the time being, for the United States… This is something we’d like to get done this month,” said Nunes.

Truth Social Update

Devin Nunes further added, “Twitter is indeed a house of cards and a ghost town… that once bots and trolls are gone, you’re left with a house of cards..We are, in fact, going to test as we go. Every single day, we continue to improve… The numbers aren’t deceiving… Our community continues to thrive and grow, and I believe that trend will continue as we continue to welcome more and more people onto the platform.”

Best Features of the Truth Social App

Donald Trump recently announced Truth Social Media, this social media website is available for public access. Only the IOS version of the Truth social media app has become available for download. It is currently unavailable on Android devices. The Apple Appstore is where you can get the app. Before midnight ET, the app was downloadable. All subscribers who had signed up for just a pre-order of the truth social app had the app downloaded automatically.

  • Freedom of speech:

The primary purpose of the Truth Social app is to provide freedom to every single person who uses it. With the launch of the truth social app and website, the aim is to let people’s voices be heard.

  • Add and Share photos:

Additionally, you can share photos and communicate with your friends, customers, and all over the world.

  • Set Profile Picture:

Truth Social has the ability to set up the profile picture and cover picture with custom theme colour as Twitter does (Although it is not explicitly stated on the website directly that the ability to set up custom theme colour would be offered, it is rumoured to be in development).

  • Track your followers:

You can also follow other users and keep track of your followers and following count, as well as your post and like history.

  • Truth Feed:

Truth Feed will keep you up to date on everyone you’re following, whether it’s a friend, family member, or organisation. The truth feed is a collection of posts from all those who have followed along with videos, photos, links, and other media.

  • Search Function:

You can use the search function to find any user on Truth Social. You have the option of viewing all of their content before deciding whether or not you would like to follow them.

  • Notifications:

To keep you informed, the app will include a notification feature that will allow you to receive all of the updates from of the people you follow.


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  • So, why are you doing this sell-job for Truth Social? Why not provide the truth, like how TS claims that they will not “censor” comments, but says in TOS that they will dump any negative comments about TFG?