Truth Social Down – Social Media by Donald Trump

Truth Social Down – Social Media by Donald Trump

Why is Truth Social Down in my country? Truth Social App is a new American social media platform by former President Donald Trump. Truth Social is developed by the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG).

New Social Media Platform Truth Social has already been introduced with waitlisted or pre-registered users. Suppose truth social down in your country won’t be surprised. Truth Social is accessible from inside the United States region. If you are getting errors like the one in the image below, you should read the full article to know how to fix the issue.


Why is Truth Social Down?

If you face Truth Social App downtime, you may be living outside the United States. Truth Social is Donald Trump’s social media for all the conservatives from all over the United States. Not only does the Truth Social app, but even is also giving you error 1020 while accessing a website from another country.

World Wire and the team will guide you on fixing Truth social down in your country. So, you can use the Truth Social App from your country without any problem. 

GUIDE  to Fix Truthsocial Error

– If you want to use the Truth social app from outside of the United States, you must need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) only method to work for you.

If you still want to access the Truth Social app while outside the country, you can do it by using a VPN service.

You can use –


You can find a lot of VPN service providers on the Apple App Store. I have mentioned some good VPN service providers with affordable service and pricing above.

Using VPN is simple as a piece of cake. If you are familiar with the VPN app is good; even if not, it’s easy. Let me show you how:

How to use VPN for Truth Social App

There is a simple step you have to follow:

Step 1: Install any VPN from the App Store.

Step 2: Select the United States region.

Step 3: Click on Connect.

Step 4: Done! Now you are in the United States. ( As per network ), that’s all you need as of now.

Step 5: Enjoy! Truth Social is the new social media platform. Claim your username before anyone else gets it.

Create account on Truth Social

I hope you find this helpful article. Now Truth social down is fixed and working in your country. Don’t forget to comment with your feedback.

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    Truth Social users Moved to Waiting List

    Accordingly, those who were able to sign up have been moved to the waiting list. It appears that people may have to wait a while for their accounts to be created, judging from the waitlist.

    Some users have reported that they were able to sign up for Truth Social, but then were put on a waiting list. You can check How to get Approved Faster on Truth Social.

    Unfortunately, Truth Social has yet to acknowledge or respond to reports that signups aren’t working or that users have been moved to the waitlist.

    Hopefully, the developers will be able to resolve the aforementioned issues as soon as possible so everyone can access the social media platform again.

    Keep an eye on WorldWire for more updates as and when we find out more information about this matter.

    Update 1 (February 23)

    10:37 am (IST): Truth Social’s account creation process has been stabilized. Furthermore, they are working on increasing the rate of new account creation.

    Update 2 (February 24)

    02:10 pm (IST): The Truth Social app on the App Store has received a new update with version 1.0.2 that fixes several bugs. Users can install the update and see if the app’s problems are resolved, but it is not known if it fixes the ongoing issues.

    Update 3 (February 25)

    03:33 pm (IST): Users’ tweets on social media platforms have nearly disappeared since the outage was first reported, but the Truth Social Status website hasn’t been updated since that time. Accordingly, the Truth Social issue has been resolved for many users, however, some users are still experiencing problems.

    Update 4 (February 26)

    02:59 pm (IST): The service has also been criticized for allegedly censoring and banning its members while many early adopters are still waiting.

    Update 5 (February 28)

    04:09 pm (IST): The Android app for Truth Social is still not available. Nevertheless, some cloned apps are already appearing on the Play Store. Over 100,000 people have downloaded MAGA Hub – Truth Social Trump from the Play Store.

    Update 6 (March 01)

    03:33 pm (IST): Users’ tweets on social media platforms have nearly disappeared since the outage was first reported, but the Truth Social Status website hasn’t been updated since that time. Accordingly, the Truth Social issue has been resolved for many users, however, some users are still experiencing problems.

    Update 4 (February 26)

    02:59 pm (IST): The service has also been criticized for allegedly censoring and banning its members while many early adopters are still waiting.

    Update 5 (February 28)

    04:09 pm (IST): The Android app for Truth Social is still not available. Nevertheless, some cloned apps are already appearing on the Play Store. Over 100,000 people have downloaded MAGA Hub – Truth Social Trump from the Play Store.

    Update 6 (March 01)

    01:09 pm (IST): There is a long waiting list for the Truth Social app, which is causing users to lose interest. Additionally, users have reported copyright infringement accusations and crashing problems. More on that here.

    Update 7 (March 02)

    05:47 pm (IST): It has allegedly been reported that True Social has sped up the process for adding new users to the waiting list on its official account.

    Update 8 (March 03)

    11:37 am (IST): Having addressed the performance issue with new user registration and validation, Truth Social has confirmed the problem is now resolved. Additionally, they are currently working on reducing waiting times with the new user waitlist.

    Update 9 (March 04)

    12:33 pm (IST): The Social Truth website appears not to have been updated by Donald Trump since it launched. It is clear that Trump is not actively involved in the platform.

    Update 10 (March 05)

    01:27 pm (IST): It has been reported that many users are unable to upload photos and videos to the platform. Fortunately, the support team resolved the issue rather quickly. We haven’t seen any reports about the sign-up issue on Truth Social’s status page either.

    Update 11 (March 07)

    01:09 am (IST): There are reports suggesting that Donald Trump, who founded Truth Social, is unhappy with the way things are going with the app.

    Update 12 (March 11)

    03:37 pm (IST): Previously, some users reported that when approved to join the platform, they received duplicate welcome messages. This problem has been resolved. As a result, support confirmed that users will now receive a single welcome message upon approval.

    Update 13 (March 12)

    03:32 pm (IST): Some Truth Social users are now reporting that they have been added. Many users, however, remain on the waiting list.

    Update 14 (March 14)

    04:32 pm (IST): Earlier this year, users reported that Truth Social wasn’t showing the latest truths (similar to tweets on Twitter) in their newsfeeds on time. Thanks to the Truth Social team, this issue has already been acknowledged and fixed, so the newsfeed distribution is working normally again.

    Update 15 (March 15)

    03:26 pm (IST): Yesterday, the Truth Social website and app were experiencing performance issues. However, the support team has already resolved the problem.

    Update 16 (March 16)

    04:30 pm (IST): On the Truth Social status website, the engineers have announced that they are currently expanding their database servers. This will reduce the server load and improve the performance of the app. As well, the feeds will be loaded without any problems by the app. Furthermore, support has advised users that they may encounter some feed issues.

    Update 17 (March 17)

    11:14 am (IST): On the Truth Social status page, it has been confirmed that a recent issue where feeds may load slowly on the platform has now been resolved due to engineers expanding the database servers.

    Update 18 (March 18)

    12:56 pm (IST): Though engineers are working on expanding database servers, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Truth Social lacks the support of the right wing. Therefore, the stock price of DWAC, the company that owns Truth Social, has plummeted in recent days. In fact, the stocks had gained 2.56% by the time we went to press.

    Update 19 (March 19)

    08:43 am (IST): Many users of the Truth Social app cannot access the app following reports on Twitter that the service is down and not functioning. Truth Social users have also reported an outage on Downdetector, in addition to Twitter.

    06:11 pm (IST): Apparently, the server crash at Truth Social has been corrected, so users can now access the platform without any issues.

    Update 20 (March 21)

    04:49 pm (IST): In some cases, the number of users on the waiting list is not even changing for those users.

    Update 21 (March 24)

    06:17 pm (IST): After sending an email to the Truth Social team, a user was able to jump the waiting list. Users who still haven’t received a response can try this.

    Update 22 (March 29)

    04:47 pm (IST): In the latest update to True Social’s iOS app, version 1.0.8, performance improvements have been made.

    Update 23 (March 30)

    04:54 pm (IST): Donald Trump’s Truth Social has joined Next News Network, one of the major news organizations in the US. The platform will gain a larger audience as a result.

    Update 24 (March 31)

    05:02 pm (IST): Since the launch of Truth Social, Donald Trump’s company saw its sign-ups drop by 93%.

    Update 25 (April 01)

    10:32 am (IST): Audiences have had mixed reactions to Truth Social, but mostly negative ones. The app has encountered a number of issues since its launch. In addition to its negative aspects, there are also some aspects that are positive, such as the app’s design and layout, its simplicity, ease of use, and the two-factor authentication method for security.

    Update 26 (April 02)

    09:54 am (IST): Digital World Acquisition aka SPAC has plans to merge with Truth Social has fallen 13% in the past two days. This happened after the app downloads of Truth Social dropped by a huge 95% in recent weeks.

    Update 27 (April 03)

    11:51 am (IST): Truth Social’s chief executive, Davin Nunes, told BBC News that the app wouldn’t be fully operational until March. Yet, even after six weeks of its launch, the platform is experiencing various issues and nearly 1.5 million users are on the waiting list. Furthermore, the app is only available for iOS users and is not available internationally.

    Update 28 (April 05)

    11:26 am (IST): According to reports, Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, True Social’s chief technology and product development execs, have departed because of the various issues the app encountered during its launch.

    Update 29 (April 06)

    01:26 pm (IST): A new update for Truth Social is now available with version 1.0.9. Improvements have been made to performance and bug fixes.

    Update 30 (April 07)

    12:35 pm (IST): Truth Social is causing issues for some users, but Trump’s net worth has increased by $430 million because of the app.

    Update 31 (April 09)

    10:51 am (IST): Considering that their platform is just getting started, Truth Social CEO David Nunes says interactions with their platform are already beating Twitter.

    Update 32 (April 11)

    11:39 am (IST): There has been an update to Truth Social with version 1.0.10. According to the changelog, bugs have been fixed. The waitlist issue has not been addressed.

    Update 33 (April 12)

    05:33 pm (IST): Graham J Noble of Liberty Nation said Truth Social does not yet have fully realized its potential and could still become one of the most important platforms for social media.

    Update 34 (April 13)

    11:40 am (IST): The stock price of Digital World Acquisition went up 5.90% to $48.13 at market close on Tuesday after Fox Corp officially joined Truth Social.

    Update 35 (April 14)

    06:11 pm (IST): According to Fox News, the account on Truth Social has nothing to do with Fox News. This follows the appearance of a verified Fox News account on Truth Social a few days ago.

    Update 36 (April 15)

    01:28 pm (IST): A report suggests that if Elon Musk makes a deal to buy Twitter, Donald Trump might be able to rejoin the platform. This would remove the incentive for people to use Truth Social.

    Update 37 (April 16)

    10:10 am (IST): For some users, the waiting list number doesn’t seem to change even after creating an account for weeks.

    Update 38 (April 19)

    12:08 pm (IST): A recent report has shown that the app is taking a long time to respond. This problem has been resolved since the issue was reported.

    Update 39 (April 20)

    12:24 pm (IST): In a recent update for Truth Social, version 1.0.11 was released. In addition to minor improvements, this release adds an indicator for users who follow them, and a feature that allows users to copy and paste images when they compose Truths.

    Update 40 (April 21)

    11:17 am (IST): A maintenance is coming up tomorrow in the early morning hours of 5:00 to 7:00 ET, according to the official status page of Truth Social. In conjunction with this maintenance, major capacity upgrades will improve platform performance and reliability.

    Update 41 (April 22)

    10:55 pm (IST): Truth Social’s official status page confirms that the scheduled maintenance has been completed.

    Update 42 (April 23)

    09:41 am (IST): On iOS, some users have experienced a problem where images do not display correctly. The problem has been fixed since then.

    Update 43 (April 25)

    06:01 pm (IST): During a rally, Donald Trump appeared to forget the name of his own social media platform. Video footage from his Ohio rally shows him saying that he built ‘Truth Central’.

    Update 44 (April 26)

    10:28 am (IST): Donald Trump won’t return to Twitter even after Elon Musk acquired it. He will instead use his own platform Truth Social. The former US president is expected to join Truth Social within seven days.

    Update 46 (April 28)

    09:45 am (IST): Truth Social has overtaken Twitter on the App Store with a ten-fold jump in downloads during a time of intense change at Twitter.

    Update 45 (April 27)

    11:05 am (IST): Digital World Acquisition Corporation shares fell 13% on Monday after Elon Musk revealed Twitter’s stake. It is in the process of merging with Trump Media & Technology Group.

    Update 46 (April 28)

    09:45 am (IST): Despite recent changes to Twitter, Truth Social has surpassed Twitter in the App Store with a tenfold increase in downloads.

    Update 47 (April 29)

    10:45 am (IST): The status page for Truth Social confirms that the platform was unavailable for approximately 5 minutes on April 28 as the team enabled new functionality and improved the app’s performance.

    Update 48 (April 30)

    10:58 am (IST): For the first time since Truth Social was launched, Donald Trump has posted on the app. He posted a message saying ‘I’M BACK’.

    Update 49 (May 2)

    09:40 am (IST): New version 1.1.0 of Truth Social has just been released on Apple App Store. The new version adds a number of new features, fixes bugs, and enhances performance. Please see the full changelog below:

    • The like heart icon is now animated
    • Hashtag typeahead is now available when composing a Truth
    • Added an error message for the max follower’s count error
    • Media a user posts in response to a Truth is now added to their “media” tab in their profile
    • Added “Show / Hide” for the “Current password” field in change password screen
    • Added long press copy and paste functionality to full screen images
    • Other bug fixes
    • Performance improvements

    Update 51 (May 4)

    11:06 am (IST): Users can create a new account and abandon their old ones to avoid the long waiting list, according to one of our readers.


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