UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination task force

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UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination: Britain’s trade secretary Alok Sharma told a press conference on Friday that the government is taking the right steps in the right direction to prevent Corona from spreading.

He said that the government is asking people to implement the rules of social distancing on one side to deal with Corona, and on the other hand, it is trying to make vaccines at the earliest. The government has also set up a special task force for this.

In the daily press conference on Corona, he confirmed 14,576 deaths due to Corona in the country and prayed for the dead.

He said that “To save the country’s health agency NHS, it is important that the lockdown is strictly followed for three weeks now.”

UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination task force

UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination
UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination

He said that “the government will have to constantly make efforts to stop the infection,” and “the worst will happen when we open the lockdown ahead of time. 

This will create a possibility for the virus to pass again, and this will neither be good for the British citizens” Nor will it be for the NHS. “

Sharma was accompanied by the Chief Science Advisor of the country, Sir Patrick Valens and Director of Public Health England, Professor Yevon Doel.

Sir Patrick Valence said that there had been a kind of stability in the past in cases of corona infection in hospitals, and he expects “to see a decline in cases of infection after this.”

He said that the figures are definitely decreasing, but we have to keep following the rules of social distancing.

He said, “We hope that following the rules of social distancing will reduce the incidence of infection further. But it may take time to reduce the number of deaths.”

UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination
UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination

There will be permitted to do some work in lockdown also Alok Sharma said that due to the threat of Corona, the time has come to change the way people work.

He said that “the government’s stand is clear that people should stay at home, but some employees engaged in production and construction work are allowed to go to work. But those companies have to prepare for it and for social distancing. All rules have to be followed. “

Professor Yevon Doel of the Director of Public Health England says that “the health of a health worker is very important in the war against Corona and they should not work at all in the event of getting sick. This can pose a danger to the people around them.”

He said that “earlier cases of infection in the country were related to foreign travel, but now the bad pattern has changed. Now those people who have not been abroad recently are also getting infected. Now, these viruses are increasingly densely populated. Is spreading in areas. “

She says that “the government has a keen eye on Corona hotspots and the government is keeping more vigil at these places.”

UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination
UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination

Try to make a vaccine as soon as possible Alok Sharma said that the hope of winning the battle with Corona depends on the discovery of the vaccine at the earliest. 

He said that for this, the government had prepared the ‘Corona Vaccine Taskforce, ‘ which will work for research on vaccines in the country and its production as soon as possible.

It will include people from government, pharmaceutical production, and knowledge, including Chief Science Advisor Sir Patrick Valens and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Johnathan von Dam. This task force will focus on getting the vaccine trial done soon.

Also, Sharma said that the government had approved 21 projects for this at the cost of 14 million pounds. Earlier, the government is applying 250 million pounds for the coronavirus vaccine.

UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination
UK government unveils COVID-19 vaccination

Sharma said that “vaccine making is a complex process and may take several months. The government hopes that it will be successful soon, and we will be able to produce millions of vaccines.”

BBC Health and Science correspondent James Gallagher say that it seems that we will have to wait for the vaccine to get out of the lockdown. 

But this is a difficult process that takes years and sometimes decades. And even if the vaccine is made, testing it first, then producing it on a large scale, and then delivering the vaccine to the people within a specified time is a big challenge in itself.

Gallagher explains that a team of scientists from Oxford University says that they can start a human trial of a vaccine for the coronavirus in the next week, and if everything goes well, the vaccine will be ready for use by September of this year.

The Oxford team has made the virus samples from chimpanzees harmless with genetic engineering. With this, he has also added the genetic code of coronavirus in a short time.

Although this vaccine will prove to be effective or not, it is not possible to say for sure.


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