Ullu Size Matters Season 2 Watch Online On App & Download; Plot, & Cast

Ullu has constantly been in the limelight for producing back-to-back adult series during this lockdown especially. It has been touted by several millennials in the country and they’re quite happy with the content and are excited as to what is to follow.

Size Matters Season 2

One interesting series that was formidable in the eyes of the audience and critics was ‘Size Matters’ and now, Ulu has excited its fans by bringing a Season 2 for it! Size matters is a hilarious, erotic series yet woven around a heartfelt storyline.  I’m pretty sure anyone would be intrigued just by reading those lines about it, but if you want a heads up as to why to watch it, we’ll provide you with a plot! 

Size matters Story

 The story revolves around a narrative drawn through the lenses of characters Manpreet and Akash. Manpreet played by Katie Iqbal and Akash played by Raju Biswas are married to each other. Manpreet is a Virgin and she has plans to satisfy herself with the size of Akash. Yet, on their first night of marriage, Akash does certain things that aren’t really liked by Manpreet. As a result, he cannot win Manpreet’s trust and he, later on, figures out that he has a sexual problem 

Because of this, both Manpreet and Akash are very dejected and dissatisfied. What is to follow, Manpreet figures out that Akash has a sexual problem and she’s again disappointed because he didn’t tell her earlier. 

Size matters Season 2 Cast 

Size Matters Season 2

Apart from the talented Katie Iqbal who has played in films like Namaste London, Jamia 2.0, and Raagini MMS, and the fairly fresh Raju Biswas, the enthralling series stars Poorti Arya as Karishma. She has worked in several advertisements and is a model who has also worked in Jalebi. 

Ullu Size Matters Season 2 Watch Online/ Download on Ullu

Produced by the infamous CEO of Ullu Vibhu Agrawal and a brainchild of Director Bandita Bora, the first season only has 4 episodes ranging from 15 to 20 minutes each. This has left the fans all over the world still waiting and curious because they couldn’t get a hold of enough content! As a result, they are currently really curious and intrigued by the storyline, so they are dedicatedly waiting for season 2! 

As much as we’d like to give you spoilers and tell you about the new appearances, release date, storyline, etc, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the season 2 dates might have further changed and been pushed back. So definitely the wait is a long one, but totally worth it! 

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