Latest News - Verizon FiosTV+: One-Stop Access to Live TV, Streaming, Apps

Verizon FiosTV+: One-Stop Access to Live TV, Streaming, Apps

Verizon FiosTV+: One-Stop Access to Live TV, Streaming, Apps

Verizon has launched a new one-stop access to an all-in-one entertainment service with FiosTV+.

Let’s read the news and find out more.

Verizon FiosTV+: One-Stop Access to Live TV, Streaming, Apps

Verizon Communications Inc. is a United States, based telecommunications company offering multiple wireless and TV services to its customers.

With 143.3 million users as of the end of Q2 2023, Verizon’s mobile network is the second-largest wireless carrier in the US.

This week, Verizon has newly introduced Fios TV+ to all new Fios video service customers. You can watch live TV and more of your favorite streaming services on one device with Fios TV+, which eliminates the need for a traditional set-top box and allows you to have all your shows and content in one place.

According to Heather McDavitt, vice president of consumer products at Verizon, “Fios TV+ is a game-changer for delivering all your favorite live TV and streaming content, all in one place, and we’re excited to bring this experience to all of our new Fios video customers at no extra cost.”

McDavitt added, “We are committed to always innovating to bring the best, industry-leading experiences our customers deserve and expect from Verizon.”


  • Access to Google Play
  • 4K Video Resolution
  • Live TV
  • Entire Fios VOD catalogue
  • DVR content
  • Recommendations provided based on watch history
  • Can Pin your favorite apps
  • Personalized recommendations showing movies and shows that are free on existing subscriptions.
  • Fios TV+ Remote control includes Bluetooth Connection
  • Find My Remote functionality
  • Voice control with built-in Google Assistant

The Fios TV+ setup is also very easy and can be self-done. All you have to do is connect your Fios TV+ device to your Television with the help of an HDMI cable and then make a connection with Verizon Home Internet, and you are all done.

Additionally, with the Fios TV Mobile app, customers can get entertainment while on the move as the live TV is delivered on compatible devices for on-the-go viewing. Customers can choose to install the smartphone-sized Fios TV+ or schedule an installation through a Fios technician.

Tom Nugent, Vice President of Consumer Sales and Service at Verizon, stated, “Fios TV+ is just the latest example of how we’re continuing to deliver the best experiences for our customers.”

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