Victor Davis Hanson: Clinton Colluded with Russians, Not Trump

Victor Davis Hanson Clinton colluded with Russians, not Trump

The Durham report states there are more questions about Hillary Clinton’s principles toward Russian entities than former President Donald Trump, Victor Davis Hanson claimed.

Victor Davis Hanson: Clinton Colluded with Russians, Not Trump

Victor Davis Hanson, a historian, political commentator, and fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, claimed that Durham’s report indicated that “far from being a Trump-Russian connection, there was a Hillary Clinton and Russian connection.
He examined the findings and concluded that Clinton was using a Moscow-based source, Democrat-linked PR executive Charles Dolan Jr, to collect alleged intelligence on Trump.

Victor Davis Hanson Clinton colluded with Russians, not Trump

Hanson pointed out that Charles Dolan has served twice as chairman of former President Bill Clinton’s Virginia campaign.

He provided information to Igor Danchenko, a Russian national working at the Brookings Institution. Dolan did so when Nelson Strobe Talbott was establishing the institution.

The analysis done by law professor Jonathan Turley found out that Talbott had been considered a secret secretary by Steele for “briefings and inquiries on the development of the dossier.” Talbott and Steele met through Fiona Hill of impeachment fame, and they were faking everything about this dossier, and Dolan passed on stories to Danchenko, who was supporting Steele.

Earlier, Hillary Clinton and DNC were also got Fined by the U.S. Government Over Russian Dossier Hoax.

Hanson also asserted that the claimed “pee tape,” which was expected to have demonstrated prostitutes urinating on a Moscow hotel bed at the direction of Trump to defame the Obamas, who reportedly slept there, was all planned and made up.

Though the FBI knew it was preplanned, they continued to pay Danchenko, hoping to find some credibility as they were using this material to get a FISA warrant to keep an eye on Trump campaign aides. In the case of Steele, they offered him $1 million to affirm one point, but he could not.

Hanson criticized the FBI and said that the FBI was deeply involved in it, and “as per Durham reports, they did not want to investigate Clinton or check on her communication.”

According to Hanson, the feds probably did not probe Clinton as they did Trump because they were certain she would soon become a president.

Hanson said, “It’s damn to the FBI. It’s damn to the Hillary Clinton campaign. It’s damn to the media because it’s all out there, and nobody’s refuted it. It shows that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russian governance through intermediaries, and the FBI knew about it but blamed Donald Trump, who was innocent of it.”

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