Watch American History of Voter Fraud by Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante

Watch America History of Voter fraud

Planning to watch American History of Voter Fraud by Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante? This documentary is getting quite popular and is freely available to watch on YouTube.

It is also the first-ever film in history in which Lila and Eric both have tried to document the whole span of documented voter fraud in the United States of America. An examination of election rigging from 1800 until 2022 is presented chronologically in the documentary titled AHVF. The pivotal motive of this film is to enhance Democracy by addressing the widespread voter fraud issues and finding solutions to this major problem.

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If you want to watch American History Voter Fraud online, then you can easily watch it right here on World Wire. 

Download American History of Voter Fraud 

Downloading the documentary won’t take you more than two minutes. What you have to do is search for the documentary on the YouTube search engine, scroll down, and you will see an option of ‘download.’ Just click on it, and you will be able to watch it offline.

American History of Voter Fraud Overview

  • It’s not who votes; it’s who counts the votes”- Joseph Stalin.
  • I care not who casts the votes of a nation, provided I can count them”- Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • As long as I count the vote, what are you going to do about it”– Boss Tweed.

The documentary titled the American History of Voter Fraud depicted the electoral voter fraud since the election came into existence. How should a real democracy be? It is known that nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the Americans themselves, and the only way they can get rid of this is by not voting at all.

Watch American History of Voter Fraud by Lila Hart and Eric AbbenanteDemocracy has become a bad form of government because the rich are governing; they form a government for their own interest which is called oligarchy; they don’t govern for the good of the public but for their own interest.

What people get in exchange for it is only tyranny. Aristotle said that government is good or bad is determined by the action of the government. Their main aim should be the common welfare of the public, not their own. Tyranny, oligarchy, and extreme democracy are three types of bad democracy, and now the question arises what are the ways to address the major issue of voter fraud?

voter fraudIn the end, Lila Hart said that “Democracy derives from the demos people and Kratos rule democracy means the people rule directly or thoroughly elected representatives if a select few people manipulate the vote in their favor to have their elected representatives. Do we still live in a democracy?” Eric Abbenante continued, “Based on Aristotle’s definition, if voter fraud is inextricably linked to American politics and affects each election, then America would be oligarchy or tyranny posing as a democracy.”


Voter-fraud-logo_Voting He continued, “The story of American political history can’t be told without voter fraud, despite the media claiming that voter fraud doesn’t exist. They themselves have provided over six decades of evidence of continuous fraud in America. No one has ever documented and told the story of American voter fraud till now. Documentaries are for the search for the truth but what we have been told about Democracy is a lie?”  and this is what the documentary is about 

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American History of Voter Fraud Review

  • “One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen. You two deserve that Oscar.”
  • “This is a crazy good video! You can tell Lila and Eric did so much research for this, and I love to see dedication like that in videos like these. Nothing missing throughout the entire history. Absolutely amazing.”

  • “This documentary is a HUGE eye-opener!! THANK YOU!!! 2000 Mules sheds light on the last election, and many have been sounding the alarm that this has gone on for decades, but the way you’ve threaded this all together is PERFECT. In my mind, it’s irrefutable proof that we need some major reform if we want to reign in the corruption!!”
  • “Awesome documentary. I knew this was a problem, but this really puts it into perspective. Great work, you guys.”
Watch American History of Voter Fraud by Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante
  • “It amazes me that this hasn’t been done before. Great job on this!”
  • “I love how your movie gets to the point and provides evidence to support each point. There are so many videos out there that don’t even get to a point. Once again, incredibly impressed with how well this film was made!”

About Lila Hart

Filipina American stand-up comedian Lila Hart was born in Hawaii with a congenital birth defect which is also known as a congenital anomaly. A child gets affected by this disease when the spine and spinal cord are not properly formed.

With her family’s support, Lila could walk in spite of the disease, and after 12 surgeries. Lila stands at the height of 4’6 and is a Filipina American comedian who didn’t lose hope and refused all the odds and prejudices boldly with her comedy.

American History of Voter Fraud by Lila Hart

To date, Lila has traveled to 23 countries and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Production from the University of Washington State. Before pursuing her career as a comedian, Lila had worked in the search optimization field and sold knives from door to door, but she always wanted to be a comedian.

She pursued her career as a comedian in the year 2016, and within a time frame of fewer than 5 years, Lila became a successful and notorious personality with her hard work and perseverance. Lila has not performed only in America but all along the west coast to Tennessee.


Lila is a well-known comedian who has not only performed in a thousand auditoriums but has also experienced performing in unexpected comedy venues like strip clubs, backyards, and AA meetings. She has a tremendous number of followers on social media and, along with that, millions of views on various outlets.

Lila represented disabled comedians during her first year as a stand-up comedian. Lila started her live talk show titled Small Talk Live in the year 2019.

Small Talk show

She was the first disabled talk show host and the only female talk show host during late night hours. Lately, Lila has shifted to Dallas, Texas, with her fiance, Eric Abbenante. She is an American lover and staunchly believes in Freedom.

Eric Abbenante and Lila are not only partners in life but also in comedy. They both co-founded Channel 310 together; it’s a comedy network created by comedians. Eric is a helping hand for Lila’s talk show as he directs, edits, and writes for her show name Lila’s talk show Small Talk Live with Lila Hart.

About Eric Abbenante

Eric Abbenante is a comedian, filmmaker, documentarian, and co-host of Immune to the System. He is the fiance of well-known comedian Lila Hart, the first disabled comedian who is now looked up to as someone worth their weight in gold in the comedy circle. Eric is co-founder of Channel 310.

Eric Abbenante
Watch American History of Voter Fraud by Lila Hart and Eric Abbenante

He and Lila founded it together, and now he writes, directs, and edits for Lila’s talk show Small Talk Live with Lila Hart. There isn’t much information available about him. A film titled American History Of Voter Fraud is directed by Eric Abbenante and Lila Hart and was released on the 4th of July. 


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