Watch Donald Trump and Piers Morgan Full Interview

Watch Donald Trump interview with Piers Morgan Full Interview

Full Video of Donald Trump and Piers Morgan Interview

This footage is a behind the scenes of the interview. Full interview is set to release on 25th April.

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Donald Trump Stated “Piers Morgan, along with the rest of the Fake News Media, tried to deceive me by unlawfully and deceptively editing his long and tedious interview with me”, On his website.

He also stated : “As my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour, he wanted to make it appear as though I walked out of the interview. We taped the interview to keep him honest, so we can keep him honest. I actually called him a fool in the interview if he truly believed what I said about 2020 Election Fraud”.

Donald Trump Walks out from the Piers Morgan Interview

After Trump decided to walk off the interview, Piers morgan added that Trump initially tried to end the interview by declaring “That’s it!” but remained in his seat to discuss a recent hole-in-one he scored while playing golf. After that discussion, the former president stood up with a “hateful” look and ordered the crew members to turn the cameras off.

Several hours after the original promo videos were shared. We have attached the video above for reference, Trump released his own audio of the last seven minutes of the interview, refuting that he walked off as the edited videos seemed to show.

At the end of the interview, the two men can be heard thanking each other and laughing.

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