Watch: Donald Trump Insists He Won’t Return to Twitter if Elon Musk Buys It

Watch Trump saying he won’t return to Twitter in case Elon Musk takes it over

What’s this episode about?

In this episode, the host of the show Maria Herrera Mellado of Americano Media took an interview with Donald Trump. The former president of the United States of America Donald Trump said that he won’t return to Twitter if it goes into the hands of Elon Musk.

Trump says he won’t return to Twitter in the event of Elon Musk taking it over

Former 45th President of the United States Donald Trump said he possibly wouldn’t return to Twitter if CEO of Tesla Elon Musk purchased the platform and replaced his account.

Trump’s statements came after Musk offered to buy Twitter completely in a contract that values the firm at $43 billion.

Musk, CEO of Tesla, a billionaire entrepreneur said he wishes to take Twitter private with the intent of making it a platform for free speech. read more

During an interview with Sirius XM’s “Americano Media” hours later, Trump was asked if he would return to the platform if Musk gave him his account back, and what he would say in the first post.

Trump & Elon Musk

He responded: “We’re doing a big platform right now so I probably wouldn’t have any interest. Twitter has become very boring, they’ve got rid of a lot of their good voices on Twitter, a lot of their conservative voices.”

“Now it’s boring and friends of mine tell me that Twitter is not the same place, it’s a very boring place right now.”

Twitter perpetually blocked Trump from using the platform after the Capitol riot took place on 6 January 2021, illustrating the “risk of further incitement of violence.”

Twitter’s decision was condemned by Trump’s Republican Party and others as an undertaking to suppress conservative voices and an attack on free speech.

Hopes abound regarding a Twitter reinstatement for Trump by Elon Musk

Insider’s Matthew Loh reported that prudent figures formerly expressed hopes that Musk might put back Trump’s Twitter account following his testimony of a 9.2% share in the company, making him Twitter’s largest bondholder at the duration.

Since he lost the top spot. Asset manager Vanguard Group said in a filing occupied newly with the Securities and Exchange Commission that, as of April 8, its funds now own a 10.3% share in the firm.

Elon Musk

When asked about his plan to buy all of Twitter at TED2022 in Vancouver on Thursday, Musk said: “I think it’s very important for there to be an inclusive arena for free speech,” Reuters reported.

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Donald Trump introduced his own social media platform, Truth Social, which was billed as a free-speech choice on outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

The Washington Post reported that Trump was furious about it because his launch was slow and the rollout was primarily mishandled.

Social Media Users’ Reaction

“Elon Musk will be a cool Twitter owner,” said one Twitter user. “A funny billionaire who says his mind plus he will bring back Donald Trump, Please give him the keys.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “If Musk buys Twitter and lets Pres. Trump is back on… the meltdowns are going to be outstanding and beautiful….”


Another user commented: “It’s mad that Donald Trump still isn’t allowed on Twitter. While I vehemently disagree with his political philosophy, the guy was objectively hilarious.”

The user added: “Much more fun than the Taliban, which of course maintains several Twitter accounts.”

“Now that @ElonMusk is Twitter’s largest shareholder, it’s time to lift the political censorship,” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), tweeted last week. “Oh… and BRING BACK TRUMP!”

About Americano Media

American Media is a news program in Spanish in the United States of America and also in other countries in which it regulates. The main aim of Americano Media is to attract a varied and demanding audience to bring them news on the most appropriate topics of the moment, stimulating debate and illustrating an invincible examination of civil policies and laws that influence the population on a daily basis.

About the show host- Maria Herrera Mellado

Maria Herrera Mellado is a licensed adviser in the District of Columbia, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Arizona, and also in Sevilla, Spain (currently inactive). She is also a French-Spanish certified translator and court interpreter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Maria Herrera Mellado

She has also operated as an intern for the United Nations (New York, NY) and trained for the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium). At present time she features now on tv to evaluate current policy matters and furnishes guidance to foreign investors and entrepreneurs on how to immigrate to the U.S. She also tutors courses on comparative business law in Spain, Mexico, and Cuba. Maria is the writer of several articles on Financial Consumer Protection and Banking Law in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil.

Things you may not know about Donald Trump

Donald John Trump was born on 14 June 1946 is an American diplomat, media personality, and businessman who served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021.


Trump’s political party union changed various times. He enrolled as a Republican in 1987, a member of the Independence Party, the New York state companion of the Reform Party in 1999, a Democrat in 2001, a Republican in 2009, unaffiliated in 2011, and a Republican in 2012.



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