Watch Donald Trump’s Full Interview with Dan dated 31 Aug

Watch Donald Trump's Full Interview with Dan dated 31 Aug

Former President , Donald Trump gave an full face to face interview to the Dan, from the news agency. The full interview is divided into 5 parts and can been seen below.

Part 1 – Donald Trump on Afghanistan and various other issues under Joe Biden presidency. Watch the first part of the interview below.

Part 2 – Donald Trump on how he administered Afghanistan in his time and potential of Afghanistan and its location. Watch the second part of the interview below.

Part 3 – Donald Trump on Elections and how it was rigged according to him. Watch the third part of the interview below.

Part 4 – Donald Trump talks about Covid-19. Watch the Fourth of the interview below.

Part 5 – Donald Trump on inflation, regulations and taxes and Alaska. Watch the Fifth of the interview below.

Various other issues were discussed in the interview. Most of which included jobs, taxes and protests that are happening across the country for jobs and rights. He speaks about his ” America First ” Initiative where is emphases on how United states should keep the american citizens on priority.

One of the highlights from the Interview : 

I would probably ask you to comment on why you believe the media is always biased to the left, as well as why they always attack and target you and your family, as they never did any other president before,” Dan Ball Asked.

In response to Donald Trump’s comment, the President stated, “Nobody has ever seen and protected Biden. The media is protecting Biden, even after the Afghan war has ended. Which could have ended on a good note.

Donald Trump speaks further about how he managed to get 75 million votes despite of the major media was completely against him.

The interview was announced by Dan Ball on his twitter account

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