Watch Jan 6 Hearing live stream

Watch Jan 6 Hearing live stream

On January 6, 2021, a mob of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., in what became known as the Capitol attack, Capitol riot, Capitol insurrection, January 6, or 1/6. Trump supporters attempted to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election by disrupting the joint session of Congress convened to count electoral votes, which would formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Rioters assaulted law enforcement officers, vandalized property, and occupied the Capitol Complex for several hours, forcing lawmakers and staff to flee. Five people died either before, during, or after the event. A committee named the Jan. 6 Select Committee has launched investigations into the cause of the riot and seeks to find the people responsible for it, and press charges accordingly. Jan 6 hearing has been going on for a while.

Jan 6 hearing

Watch Jan 6 Hearing live stream

What: January 6th Committee public hearings

When: Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 12 pm, PT /1 pm ET. 

How to watch Jan 6 hearing live stream

The Jan 6 hearings will be live streamed right here on World Wire. We will add live on the day of the hearing. Until then, join the World Wire telegram channel for regular updates. 

The hearings on the January 6 attack on the US Capitol began on Thursday, June 9, with a 10-minute video presentation of several events that occurred during the attack on the US Capitol. The second hearing was held on June 13. At the third hearing on Thursday, June 16, the Commission spoke with top-pence aid workers. On Tuesday, June 21, the Commission is expected to put the spotlight on the words of former President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.

Jan 6 riot
Riot at Capitol Hill on Jan 6

There is also one more hearing scheduled for this week on Thursday, June 23. The timing for hearing will be at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET. 

Schedule for the hearing

The House of Representatives Special Committee on January 6 passed four of the five hearings on its calendar, followed by Thursday at noon Pacific time. But as the Commission continues to collect and spit out evidence of what former President Trump calls a “coup attempt” by its members, more is almost certain to come. 

Jan 6 committee

“The original hearings would have wrapped up in June, but we are picking up new evidence daily with enormous velocity, and so we’re constantly incorporating and including the new information that’s coming out,” Jamie said. Representative Ruskin (D-Md.) Said after a meeting with Arizona and Georgia officials on Tuesday. “Certainly the hearings will conclude before the end of the summer, but I don’t know that we’re going to make it by the end of June.”

 Highlights of the hearing on Tuesday, June 21 

 The latest hearing before the House Special Committee investigating the January 6 riots on Tuesday about how former President Donald Trump pressured state officials to help overthrow the 2020 presidential election. Revealed new details. 

Jan 6 hearing on Tuesday June 21 

 Here are the  key takeaways from Tuesday’s hearing:

  • Republican witnesses tie Trump directly to fake electors’ effort
  • Committee reveals new details about how congressional Republicans helped Trump’s efforts to overturn the election
  • Witnesses describe how Trump’s lies had serious consequences including threats
  • Republican officials take the lead in testifying against Trump 
  • Top Arizona Republican refutes Trump in real-time
  • Schiff yet again dissects troubling Trump calls 
  • Emotional testimony highlights victims of Trump’s disinformation 
  • The January 6 Committee hearing day 1 Highlights on June 9 

The Committee led the attack on the US Capitol with emotional reflections when lawmakers tried to count voters. An important moment was a 10-minute video of a previously unpublished video of a protester heading to the Capitol. The other was the testimony of Caroline Edwards, a police officer in the Capitol. She said she was “slipping in people’s blood” when she fought to protect lawmakers at her home.  

January 6 hearing day 2 Highlights

Donald Trump

At the second hearing, evidence was found that Trump and his adviser were spreading the “big lie” even though they knew there were no fraudulent votes. According to the committee, Mr Trump has been briefed several times by campaign workers and Mr Ati. General William Barr said there was no evidence of fraud.

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 January 6 Committee hearing day 3 Highlights

 The hearing focused on Trump and conservative California lawyer John Eastman pressured Vice President Mike Pence to reject election votes from the seven states that Joe Biden won. I guessed. illegal. The panel heard from Pence’s senior aide, who said he never believed Trump had the power to throw elections, and a conservative judge who helped Pence resist Trump’s demands.

 January 6 Committee hearing day 4 Highlights

The Commission heard testimony from the chair of the Arizona State House and two Georgian electoral authorities, all Republicans, about Trump and his lawyer’s efforts to overturn the election results without legal authority. The Electoral Commissioner in Fulton County, Georgia also spoke emotionally about the harassment she, her mother, and grandmother endured after being accused by Trump of electoral fraud allegations he knew were revealed. 

 Future January 6 hearings 

The Commission announced the date and time of another inquiry: Thursday at noon. This month the court is saying that they can have 8 hearings. In that session, the Commission sought to set up Trump’s efforts to convince the Justice Department to claim that the election was contaminated by rampant fraud and how to set up an Attorney General to help him get the job done. His efforts were thwarted by high-ranking Justice Department officials and White House lawyers, who threatened to resign all at once. 

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