Watch Jordan Sather Full Interview with X22 About Truth Movement Infiltration

Watch Jordan Sather Full Interview with X22 About Truth Movement Infiltration

Watch Jordan Sather on X22

What’s this episode about?

Jordan Sather was a guest on channel X22 welcomed by Dave. He is the creator and owner of He started the conversation with the topic of why we need to be careful of who we follow.

There are many DS assets attempting to disturb people and have the patriots look like dummies. A move is made by Elon Musk on Twitter, a narrative transformation is reaching, and the competition is about to reverse.

Jordan about his arrival on X22

Jordan said that Dave was affable enough to invite him to his podcast.

This time he wanted to talk about the ever-present problem of the backend in our truth campaign, along with the characteristics of his new Telegram channel committed to uncovering it.

He said that he thanked him because there is unavoidable disagreement when one points out the corruption propaganda. There are so many who are emotionally attached to it. He has always seen a squadron of click farm shills following him anywhere he goes to remark unpleasant things!

Jordan Sather

He said that the feedback from the interview was great. It is good to see that more people are comprehending why propagandized disinformation is injected into the truth movement, how to identify it, and the greater impacts of this “conspiracy disinformation”.

Individual people are not the only ones whose minds are draped by the wrong knowledge( Sometimes it leads to sorrow or financial ruin) but the mainstream agencies will repeat this clickbait against the whole action of truth in an attempt to humiliate everybody.

It’s not “waking up” to go from one form of brainwashing, the dominant media, to another form of brainwashing, disinformation-peddling corruption influencers. He thinks “mainstream media” itself is the influencer who facilitates this disinformation corruption in the truth movement. They like to use the same techniques, startling reporting even the same “anonymous sources” and “my insider says” baiting.

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About Jordan Sather

Jordan Sather is a skilled writer, motivational orator, and YouTuber. He is best known for his contribution to works like; Above Majestic, The Cosmic Secret, and Lionel Nation.


Information about his birth date is not available yet. By his appearance, he looks to be in his early 30’s. There is not much information available about his early life, educational background, and personal life. He has managed to keep his personal life far away from the media.

He has a considerable height and physical appearance. He operates an Instagram account under the name @jaysather with over 27.8K followers online.

According to media references, his current net worth in the market is under examination. His marital status is single.

His major works are:

  • Above Majestic (2018)

Above Majestic is a documentary film that intends to give us a closer look at the lineages, history, and corruption behind the so-called “Majestic 12”.

The movie was based on the apparent 1947 institution called Majestic 12 that stimulates the recovery and inquiry of alien spacecraft.

Jordan Sather

It was authorized by Roger Richards who is also the co-director of the documentary film Cosmic Secret which talks about prognoses and the future of society.

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Jordan Sather are the lead parts in this film who also headlined Cosmic Secret. The intro progression was created by the director’s nephew as part of his High School exuberance coursework.

  • The Cosmic Secret (2019)

Author David Wilcock and an array of researchers, scientists and archaeologists offer their viewpoints on humanity’s long-lost cosmic ancestry. Its genre is documentary and is in the English language.

Director: Corey Goode

Producer:  Thomas Everitt, Brandon Graham, Leon Isaac Kennedy, Roger R. Richards, Michael Salla

Writer: Corey Goode

Its runtime is 2 hours 10 mins

  • Lionel Nation (2010)

In the first volume of this multimedia magazine, model train buffs from across the country celebrate Lionel, a leader in the hobby for more than a century. The program visits top designers, tours amazing diagrams and delves into the history of Lionel.

He is the creator and owner of

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