Watch Mike Lindell live on Go VICTORY Flashpoint Livestream

Watch Mike Lindell live on Go VICTORY Flashpoint Livestream

Mike Lindell is all set to go live on GoVictory’s Flashpoint to give a brief summary of the 72 hour long cyber symposium he held in sioux falls, South dakota. Lindell also kept a prize value of $5 Million to anyone who disproves his claims. Unfortunately no one was able to disprove the claims and the cyber symposium ended on a good note. A lot of data and analytics was shared in the cyber symposium you can see the highlights of the same on world-wire – Read Cyber Symposium Day 1 HighlightsRead Cyber Symposium Day 1 Highlights

Watch Mike Lindell on Go VictoryFlashpoint Live


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  • Great Symposium Mike. I am 80 years old, and I have been following this very close. Iwas so glad to see evidence of the vote being stolen in all 50 states. This tells me the left intended to steal the election quietly with a little from each state; but they never expected the strong Trump support and had to scramble to steal it on the backs of 6 states. I have written TX Gov. Greg Abbott & Sen. Ted Cruz to support forensic audits and to give Mike Lindell a platform to be heard in order to get to the US Supreme Court.

    • What can I do here in Texas to convince my state legislators that we must have the Complete Forensic Audit of the 2020 election? We need a blanket email program that has an “action button” that takes the reader to an auto-email trigger to your state legislators with your name shown as the supporter of immediate state Forensic Audit of the 2020 election. Is there such an email program that has this Election Forensic Audit “action button” that can be forwarded to people we know?

      Where in the Lindell symposium is this Forensic Audit Action Plan discussed?