Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Day 1 – Highlights ( China )

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, started a Cyber Symposium to reveal the raw data from the presidential election of 2020. There are a number of news agencies, cyber experts as well as news companies that participate in the South Dakota Cyber Symposium hosted by Mike Lindell. As part of his reward, Mike Lindell has pledged $5 Million to anyone who can disprove his claims about the 2020 election fraud.

Highlights of Day 1 from Cyber SymposiumMike Lindell's Cyber Symposium - What to Know, How To Attend

Mike Lindell started the cyber symposium on a brief note on privacy and how the data is manipulated to on social media and other forms of media to brainwash the American citizens. Mike Lindell

China – In the very beginning of the symposium Mike Lindell Stresses on China and its influence on the elections. Lindell tells about his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and why he went on it , despite of several cyber attacks on his free speech platform – Frankspeech. According to Mike, he started Frankspeech for freedom of speech, but China attacked the website in its initial days to stop free speech. The livestream of the symposium was supposed to go live first on Frankspeech but due to the attack they could not host the symposium on Frank.

Media – Mike later on moved to show his disagreement with the top news channels in the USA and how he does not like the process of spread of information in the USA. He says ” There is crime and there is someone who hides the crime “, that someone here is the Media. According to Mike Lindell the Media is controlling the data that is being spread across the country and the media is being an obstruction in promoting free speech. Lindell also mentions to call out all those journalists who come in the way of freedom of speech on the symposium within the next 2 days of the event.

Absolute Interference  – Absolute Interference is a new conspiracy theory documentary by My pillow founder and CEO, Mike Lindell.  There were continuous attack of the website Frankspeech.com on its launch day, Mike Lindell went live for straight 48 hours and discussed various issues with various guests on the panel. You can read more about it here –  Watch Absolute Interference  . He also stresses on the media while talking about Absolute Interference, he speaks about how his documentary was put down Vimeo later it was put down by youtuber and later google. After being put down by so many websites, Absolute interference was finally being streamed on his own personal website MichaelJLindell.

Dominion Law Suit – Mike moved on speak about his case with dominion over election evm.  You can read more details about this case here. Mike also expressed that he was being sued by dominion , as soon as he got to know about this there was another case knocking his door, dominion opened a new case suing Mike lindell’s company – MyPillow. Mike stresses on how no journalist has seen his documentary on election fraud – Absolute Proof and Absolute Interference

Dominion files a lawsuit against OANN and Newsmax

During the livestream, A note was handed over to Mike Lindell that said –  Dominion voting systems filed a new lawsuit against OANN and Newsmax for various reasons. Mike Lindell stresses on watching Absolute proof to everyone where he has given various issues that are there with the dominion voting systems. A note was later handed over to Mike Lindell by Brannon howse that said that they have also filed a $1.6 Billion dollar law suit against the american businessman Patrick M. Byrne. Patrick Byrne is a trump supporter. He is famous for his work in overstock.com where he served as the CEO till 2019.

Further Updates.

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