Watch President Trump interview with Rob Finnerty

Watch President Trump interview with Rob Finnerty

On Thursday’s “Wake Up America” on Newsmax, Rob Finnerty interviewed former President Donald Trump. The Interview was about Former President Donald Trump’s reaction to the recent January 6 committee testimony, his thoughts on a 2024 Presidential election run, and more. The Interview was aired on NEWSMAX by Rob Finnerty.

Watch President Trump interview with Rob Finnerty

Trump’s Reaction to Hutchinson’s Testimony during the Interview

When Rob Finnerty asked Trump about Hutchinson’s testimony Trump Replied by calling Hutchinson crazy, he also said something was wrong with her. That lady in Fantasy Land said Trump was going for SUV’s steering, strangling secrete service Agency. She also said there were guns in my Rally After there was no cross-examination on the testimonial, Which is embarrassing. She wanted to serve me in Florida after the Jan 6th strike.


Trump took offense in particular at Hutchinson’s testimony claiming that he’d tried to force his Secret Service detail into driving him to the Capitol. While the protests were happening and when they wouldn’t comply, grabbing at the steering wheel of the presidential limousine, “The Beast,” and reaching for the throat of the man leading his Secret Service detail, Bobby Engel.

Trump said he also heard rumors from people about her, such as she’s not good, so stay away from her. Later he saw her upspringing suddenly with making new stories about him. Trump Heard news on different networks, like MSD, CNN, etc., about her testimony alleging us. He said it’s sad that this is allowed in our country. We have one who quit [Adam] Kinzinger and another who’s down by 35 points in Wyoming [Rep. Liz Cheney]. She’s a total disaster, and she’s a train wreck.

Who is Cassidy Hutchinson?

Cassidy Hutchinson

Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson is a former White House aide and subordinate to former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows during the administration of Donald Trump. Hutchinson gave evidence on June 28, 2022, at the public hearings of the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack. She testified on President Trump’s conduct and senior aides and political allies before and during the strike on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

What is Hutchinson’s testimony?

 Former Trump White House aide detailed the former president’s knowledge of the potential for violence on January 6 and his outbursts of anger. Among the many revelations, Hutchinson said former President Trump knew the crowd at his Rally on January 6 were armed. Hutchinson also shared that Trump and Meadows ignored pleas multiple times to intervene in the violence at the Capitol.

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“Why would she take such a risk? She could also go to jail”

Trump, in reply, said she alleged that Trump encouraged people to have guns. Trump says the media & networks talk about the January 6 attack, but why don’t they talk about How he handled and spoke to 10 thousand to 15 thousand people, out of which a small group of around 50 headed down towards the Capitol.

Trump also said with an example of a man named John Oliver years back who used to create news or scenario Hutchinson should look at it.

Trump loses his Patience

Donald Trump, ever the patient interview subject, went off script and interrupted Newsmax anchor Rob Finnerty in a Thursday appearance, fearing the network would cut his election tirade and telling Finnerty, “Don’t let it happen.” Trump asserted, “the networks are being dishonest. While Finnerty asked if Trump was referring to the 2022 movie “2000 Mules,” a pro-Trump political film alleges fraud in the 2020 election. Trump claimed that the conservative networks are being dishonest; they are afraid to be sued; you will cut/edit this tangent on your network & Fox news. They don’t want to discuss election outcomes; you are scared of it. 

Donald Trump

Despite Finnerty’s insistence that Newsmax would not cut it out, Trump continued his rant, telling his interviewer, “Don’t let it happen.” Finnerty reassured Trump, who replied, “Good … Get it done fast before Chris sees it,” referring to Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy. With this reassurance, Trump resumed his Big Lie rant, saying, “But this was about a rigged and stolen election that millions and millions of people felt is true.”

Following this interruption, the pair resumed their discussion of “2000 Mules,” which was brought up at the second January 6 committee hearing when former Attorney General Bill Barr dismissed the claim that the election was stolen by election fraud. “I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that, including the ‘2,000 Mules’ movie.” In the Interview, Trump denigrated Cassidy Hutchinson, calling her a “whack job” and denying Hutchinson’s testimony that he lunged at his Secret Service security on January 6.

What happened in the last 18 months when it was all under trumps control? 

In reply, Trump said “Whatever just happened, the Jan 6th attack on Capitol has just messed up America. America had more energy than anybody else, America was about to be independent in resources, and now America is asking Saudi Arabia for oil for gas from Russia; we need it all because of a flawed election.”

Will Trump Support Biden in this Election?

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Finnerty asks the last question of the Interview Will he support Joe Biden for rerunning the election? Trump said he’s disappointed with them in specific ways, but he likes him (Joe Biden). He has also done some good jobs in other ways.

Who is Rob Finnerty?

Rob Finnerty

Rob Finnerty was born May 1, 1982, and is a host for Newsmax in New York. Before joining Newsmax, Finnerty worked as a morning news anchor for WTSP in Tampa Bay. He also served for one year at KCTV in Kansas City and KBAK-TV in Bakersfield. On May 10, 2021, Finnerty made national headlines when he confronted former Obama speechwriter David Litt for trying to insert Newsmax criticisms during an interview about Elon Musk and Saturday Night Live.

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