Events - Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Live Stream

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Live Stream

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Live Stream

In this article, We have covered all the crucial information regarding The Reawaken America Tour Idaho Live stream, so let’s dive deep to know further details.

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Live Stream

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Live StreamThe Reawaken America Tour, widely known as the Reopen America Tour, is mainly a protest movement against unsuccessful COVID-19 pandemic measures. It staunchly supports the idea that Joe Biden manipulated the presidential election of 2020 to win the election against Donald Trump and the American people. 

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Day 1 Recap


Watch ReAwaken America Tour Idaho Live Stream

Those who cannot attend the event can effortlessly watch the event live here on World Wire. ReAwaken America Tour Idaho will be live streamed here on World Wire. You can join our Telegram channel to update you with the latest news and events worldwide.

Washington Border ReAwaken America Tour Venue 

The Reawaken America Tour event will be held at Stateline Speedway, 1349 N Beck RD Post Falls, ID 83854. 

ReAwaken America Tour Schedule & Timing

Washington Idaho Border Episode 15 Version

ReAwaken America Tour is a 2-day event organized on the 16th and 17th of September from 10: a.m. to 5 p.m. Clay Clark, General Flynn, the American team, and many notable speakers will mark their presence on the ReAwaken America Tour, Idaho.

Book your Tickets for ReAwaken America Tour, Idaho

If you want to book tickets for ReAwaken America Tour, Idaho, you can quickly get the Tickets on It’s available here for sale. Here are some easy steps to follow to get your tickets booked.

  • Visit the website
  • Tap on the option “Buy Now.
  • Fill in all the required information that you are asked to fill in.
  • Now, choose any seat of your preference. You are free to select the seat of your preference.
  • Your registration is done!

Alternatively, you can get your tickets by texting your request for the tickets on the number 918.851.0102

Note: There are limited tickets for the event. Only 5000 tickets will be sold this time, and there is a 50% discount for all the pastors.

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Who is Clay Clark?

Clay Clark, a business tycoon, business coach, and former mayoral candidate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the founder of the Reawaken America Tour. Clark said the main motive behind founding the tour is to stop the pandemic COVID-19. 

Clay Clark
Clay Clark

As it began in early 2020, he asked God, “What can I do to stop the quarantines, the curfews, the mandates, the lockdowns?” and the answer he received was with “100% of God-ordained clarity . . . was to begin reawakening America.” Many prominent Christian leaders criticized the Reawaken America Tour instead based on religious grounds. 

In this way, it is a controversial meeting operated by the prudent podcast host Clay Clark and retired U.S army lieutenant Michael Flynn. The speakers of the Reawaken America Tour discuss family, faith, conservative faith, and many more. 

Clay publicly supported his beliefs in COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Clay once told visitors that COVID- 19 was a joke and directed them to “turn to the person next to you and hug them, someone you don’t know. Hug somebody. Go ahead and spread it out, mass spreader. It’s a mass-spreader event!” 

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