Videos - Watch State Of The Union Address Speech by Joe Biden

Watch State Of The Union Address Speech by Joe Biden

Watch State Of The Union Address speech by Joe Biden

Watch State Of The Union Address speech by Joe Biden – Joe Biden, who is running for president again, reportedly delivered a stirring State of the Union address in front of a rowdy Congress on Tuesday, calling for unity and praising a blue-collar economic resurgence. Biden spoke for more than an hour, urging new legislation to protect user data privacy and address anticompetitive behavior in the digital industry.

The 72-minute speech was notable for focusing on everyday domestic issues rather than lofty rhetoric or international politics.

Watch the State Of The Union Address Speech


In his State of the Union address yesterday, President Joe Biden called for stricter Silicon Valley and social media regulations. These regulations would concentrate on the companies’ ability to influence politics as well as the use of users’ personal information.

Thousands of Americans heard President Joe Biden conclude his speech with the upbeat statement, “because the soul of this nation is strong… the state of the union is strong.”

“Let’s finish the job,” he added, leaving the 2024 election out of the equation.

Biden emphasized that the US is not looking for conflict. “As we made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country,” said US President Joe Biden in response to growing concerns about China’s surveillance balloon.

Vice President Joe Biden urged lawmakers to “complete the job” of restoring the economy and reuniting the country. “We never, ever, ever give up,” Biden stressed. No other country in the world has a history quite like this one. Our country is the only one that has ever emerged from a crisis stronger than before.

Joe Biden urged Republicans on Tuesday to end the war and stop “fighting for the sake of fighting.”

In his State of the Union address, Biden appeared to be reaching out to Republicans when he said, “Some of my Republican friends want to take the economy hostage — I get it — unless I agree to their economic plans.”

He went on to say that some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to be phased out because they don’t want the wealthy to pay their fair share.

During the evening’s main event, President Joe Biden urged the assembled lawmakers and government officials to “do something” about police reforms.

“Joining us tonight are the parents of Tyre Nichols, who had to bury him just last week,” Biden said.

Nichols, 29, died after being beaten to death by Memphis police officers, and since Nichols’ death last month, there have been new calls for police reform and a resurgence of the national conversation about police brutality.

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